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Ballooning Gains!

Originally Posted by outlaw_member
Please explain further of this 150% erect level.

Yes, Please!!

regards, mgus

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Originally Posted by westla90069

Since your erection will not get any stronger and the size will not get any bigger than what your systemic blood pressure can achieve, what is the mechanism for this supposed penis enlargement due to ballooning?

This has been of interest to me for a while. I’m a small person, 5’6” tall. My body does not have as much blood in it, I don’t think any way, as a person who is a large framed giant. A limiting factor for me is blood supply. After all, I need to keep blood going to my other head.

How can a person increase the amount of blood in the body, the quality of blood, etc.? I’ve been reading about vitamins c, e, and iron.

You don’t need more blood to get a good erection. If that were the case you’d see guys with ED at the bloodbank!

I have found that a lot of people mention “sweet spots” and things of that sort. This, to me was very interesting, as I was traditionally fixated on trying to stimulate my glans in the normal way and then back of when I got close to the point of no return. I have recently begun to do some foreskin restoration, and have enough slack skin while erect that I can pull it up about half way over my glans when jerking off. I have stopped using lubrication when attempting to balloon as well, I think this could be helpful to other guys having trouble. The issue with lubrication is that eventually you begin to stimulate the so called “trigger zones”. Without lubrication, the pressure is more on the shaft skin and deeper structures as opposed to your hand sliding on the outside. The skin itself slides, and your hand just holds on to the skin. Also, you can grip lower down on the shaft, I like gripping about 1/3 way down from the glans. The stimulation is definitely less intense this way, but if you give it time, it builds up. I have to say that having a couple days off from ejaculating definitely helps. I find that there are certain spots on the top side of the erect shaft, about half in between the sides and the midline of the shaft, about 1/3 of the way from the glans that are very sensitive. Placing pressure here, and using the gliding motion of the extra shaft skin as opposed to sliding just over the surface of the skin, I can finally now balloon. I have only been able to do this a few times, and both sessions ended in ejaculation(probably too mentally excited that I actually figured it out). Also, concentrating on contracting the tailbone muscle slightly to get a nice tingling sensation in the tailbone seemed to help. Do not rush! I checked my BPEL during one ballooning session and it was .25 inches longer than any previous measurement, and the glans was shiny and the skin appeared more taught than ever before. I wasn’t actually doing this for size, more for the multiple orgasms, so we’ll see. I definitely noticed an immediate difference post ballooning in my flaccid hang. The best comparison I could draw would be that it seemed as though my dick was stung by bees and swelled up, but was not painful at all. This “swelling” lasted for 24 hours. I hope this helps at least one other person, as much as these threads have helped me!

I also wanted to clear up the distinction between what I consider “massaging” and what I actually do. Dr. Lin recommends a “massaging” which makes me think of slow concentric circles and a masseuse or something. I place my thumb of my dominant hand across the top of my erect shaft about 1/3 down from the glans, and three fingers of that hand on the back side of the shaft, and stroke the skin up and down with pressure inward on the “hot spots” on the top of the shaft. I guess the extra skin is coming in contact with the trigger zones, but it is much less stimulation there than if I was using lube and tightly gripping the glans with my palm. The nice warm tingling sensation that I used to get in the glans from stroking with lube is now felt in the shaft, closer to my body. I also didn’t stay as relaxed as I probably could have, and after the initial first expansion of my erection to a higher ballooning state, I started stroking faster and made myself cum. I think one of the difficulties is being patient and letting the sensations happen as opposed to trying to make them happen. Hopefully this helps too.

deebear, please break your posts into paragraphs. Almost no one here bothers to read posts that are difficult to read.

You write well, but big blocks of text are hard work.

Think about how your President or our Prime Minister speak; we have all become used to small ‘sound bites’ of information; big blocks give us info indigestion!

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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Sorry fire. I got carried away. I didn’t even indent at the beginning of the paragraphs! As for sound bites, I wish there were some about ballooning. Unfortunately, it seems that this is quite an involved process. I have been trying to balloon for years, and had almost given up until I tried foreskin restoration and came at the issue from a different angle. I think what has been most helpful for me is reading everyone’s different techniques, and putting things together.

Quick question. Do you eventually completely eliminate touching under the glans?

What I have been doing is slowly moving further away from the glans down the shaft. I have got to the point where I can have one hand massaging the base + balls, and the other massaging the top and bottom midshaft while reverse kegelling. It feels really good, and a slightly different sensation to usual.

However if I stop the midshaft massage, the erection goes down. Is the ‘sweet spot’ on the base (which I am yet to find) sensitive enough to keep the penis erect completely, or is light sensation below the glans still nessecary for most?

Edit: I just read balooning deymystified. It explained my situation really well, how the sweet spot moves down the shaft. This is what happens for me. But, that sweet spot, while more towards the base, is still on the underside of the penis.

Is it stil balooning if I stimulate this point instead of a point on the topside of the shaft?

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I read some of the explanations in this thread and gave it a try last night. For about 15 mins.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at being able to keep my penis hard while not feeling any urge to ejaculate.
Just to check in with the vets, is this what SHOULD be happening?

I do it exactly how Kazoo and Bob had explained near the beginning of the thread.
Using my thumb to massage and coax out my penis near the little indent at the base, while slowly massaging with the other hand on the shaft.

I must admit I couldn’t get hard initially using this method so I had to masturbate the way I know until I was hard and then start.

It’s a strange sensation I felt. It’s like the feeling of an orgasm, only less intense, but for the duration of the session (!). It didn’t feel like I was “on the edge” of ejaculating. Only that I was pretty hard (not quite rock hard) and feeling a light, but pleasant pre-orgasmic feeling.
It’s very hard to describe, especially for someone as new to it as I am.

I am sure that 15 minutes was probably not enough and that doing it for longer would allow me to notice more and perhaps actually get to this ballooning stage Werner, Kazoo and Bob have all mentioned. I will try it tonight.
I’m sure I can go longer because during this time it felt like I had no urge to ejaculate but I was still about 90% hard.

So I have a few questions then:

Should I be getting fully hard?
How long is a good session?
Am I actually experiencing what you guys did? Or am I describing something entirely different?

One problem I had was this anal breathing, I can’t seem to get it fluent. Should I be doing it in sync with out-breath’s?
I think I was sitting in a weird position in that doing the whole breathing thing was quite difficult.

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Yeah, can someone answer the question about anal breathing? I find that if I so much as think about sex I start ballooning and the DHT levels in the head make me sick for awhile, which, in theory, is a good thing because I’m learning to control my environment. Since I haven’t had a ballooning session in about three weeks, what is the reasoning behind it? If I read Werner’s description correctly, having the DHT in your head for an extended period of time is not a good thing. When does that stop?

Sacred: You should be getting a rock hard erection that curves back towards the body, that’s the telltale sign. If you have to rub the underside to get hard, go ahead and do it; use one hand on the underside, and rub the base with your other hand. Eventually, the goal is to not need to rub the underside to get/stay hard, but I admit, it is difficult.

Anal breathing is tricky too. Try to develop a sensitivity in the spot where a tail would be if we had one; for me, that’s the first place where I feel an orgasm coming on; if I pull the energy up lightly, I feel a surge in my head that feels kinda awesome at first, but gives me a headache if I leave it too long. Tantrics leave the energy in the head (as far as I know,) while Taoists bring the energy back down to the bellybutton where it is stored, stopping at the third eye, the nose, the throat, the heart, and the solar-plexus along the way.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Damn I haven’t read everything yet… only up to page 4. This feels like Mr. Orange bends all over again as there are people that don’t get it ever.

This anal orgasm thing - I feel it too, but today is the first time that I have ever read about ballooning, and there’s a point on Werner Ashford’s thread where he talks about the anal orgasm and the tailbone muscle:

Originally Posted by Werner Ashford
Okay, I’ll do my best to describe MY ballooning process.
Don’t expect to do it in one day though. It takes time to establish neural, electrical and hormonal patterns.

First of all make a point of avoiding the trigger area just below the bottom of the glans and the urethra in general. Instead, stimulate and think about other areas like the top and sides, the base of the penis and the scrotom. Good masturbation habits will develop the neural patterns that support ballooning.

Stimulate yourself until you almost ejaculate, remaining very relaxed throughout the ride. Stop all movement as the urgency passes and then do it (almost shoot) a couple more times. This fills the ampule with semen and puts the penis in a hyper stimulated state. You’ll notice that as ejaculation approaches, the penis gets a bit more rigid as more blood flows in. The object is to sustain this pre-ejaculatory state for an extended period. How? If you continue to relax and stimulate non-trigger areas, your rod will begin to throb because it thinks that it is coming. Some call it dry orgasms. If your hormone levels are good you can maintain this state for 30- 60 minutes and watch your penis inflate to its maximum. Don’t be afraid to take breaks and massage the PC muscle. It does a lot of contracting during ballooning and if it gets fatigued it can cause you to ejaculate. The other thing is that you want to get fresh, hormone-rich blood into the penis to enable growth of tissue.

Again, this takes time to master. The body is very programable though and each time you do it you will feel changes that bring you closer to glorious ballooning. Relaxation and almost a hypnotic enjoyment of sensation (from the non-trigger areas) are key.

Mental focus can really help here. I focus on sensations within the two main CC cylinders and find great enjoyment. Mental focus (while relaxed) causes new DHT receptors to develop in these non-trigger areas to the point where you can enjoy mental masturbation without touching willie. Oops. I’m doing it now, how pleasant. At a certain point I can release the intensity of my focus to free the sensation to blossom on its own - and it does. I can continue to the point of ballooning without doing anything except relax, focus and enjoy. This has taken months to develop.

Another tool here is using the accupuncture meridians to guide electrical charge to the the area you want to stimulate. This is done through visualization. There is a hot wire running down the center of your chest to the groin. Imagine a downward flow and you will soon feel a pleasant tingle there. Then send it into your penis and see what happens. I’ll tell you, there is more pleasure to be had on the inside of the body using your mind than on the outside using touch.

After or during ballooning, I often jelk and squeeze to take advantage of the elasticity of the tissues. Sorry I don’t have a lot of data on my growth. I just know that this works because I can see it happening.

If you want to grow, don’t ejaculate. It depletes important substances that you need for the recovery/growth phase.
Save it for the woman.
Put it away and go work out. You’ll have lots of energy. DHT builds up in your head and you will feel rotten within two hours if you don’t sweat and pee it out.

He talks about it frying your head, but there are ways like Kazoo talked above, to take this energy and moving it so that it doesn’t fry anything. Ballooning involves this dry orgasming in a way, so I think its worth it to mention what follows…

Not wanting to get into other areas but already doing it - I study stuff about chakras besides PE. There is one at this exact place, right above the anus, and that they say is related to the kundalini’s rise. Now, stimulating this muscle activates the chakra and it pumps energy up the spine, thus making the thing go all the way to the head. Sometimes I couldn’t sleep because of having too much energy around in the head, and its a symptom of what they call “Kundaliny syndrome”.

There are different things you can do with the energy accumulated in the head, and taoists do one thing while other schools do others. Different approaches work in different ways.

One way is to pump this energy like a fountain on the top of your head and shower your body with it - thus having an outlet to this energy rather than it staying in your head and giving problems or whatnot.

Another way, the taoist way, taught by Mantak Chia in his books (I got them from the internet by the way, but they are worth buying. Good stuff there) is to guide this energy through the forehead and then downwards, all the way to the belly button area, and then to store it there. As far as I know, the actual spot to storing this energy is underneath the navel, in an area where energetic stimulation also produces sexual arousal. Funny how ends meet in this. Storing the energy there - about 2 inches under the navel; is practiced as there are flexible meridians proper to storing the energy there. Doing so gives me the sensation of having a lot of energy to fuck a woman with. Its as if I had a lot to shoot out. It also alleviates the energy pressure and I can sleep well then. Its very relaxing (storing the energy there).

Another way, which I’m not familiar with, because I haven’t read it, is to keep it in the brain and use it to strengthen brain cells. I know that your energy is under your command, so if you tell it to strengthen your brain, it should.

Another way is to guide it to the earth, making it go down like the taoists do, but instead of storing it in the navel area, making it follow through the legs and then go to the earth with good thoughts for it to prosper and stuff. I read about this in one of Mantak’s books, so is an taoist alternative to the navel thing.

I still think that there is an energy thing that goes on in this whole ballooning thing. The anal breath and other factors are a lot like Taoism things and I do believe that you can use energy to make your dick grow. I think its closely related to the talk about how hypnosis also can make dicks grow. Not to mention breast enlargement stories I read on other sites, and even got to hear some mp3s on it out of sharing networks. I think that the dick is more engorged by the blood from the prolonged masturbation, but also the energy thing plays a larger role than in other PE techniques. As there are Chi Kung practices that tell you to focus energy in an organ to make it stronger, so it seems to be with ballooning that it focuses energy on the dick to make it stronger and larger. I think it makes it larger because of the will and purpose behind the practice that brings this energy about - which is to make it a bigger unit.

This could help someone not go crazy with all the edging, and dry orgasms’ energy that can build up over the days, if not the same day you start it. Ballooning is totally around this so I wrote these things as they are not that out of topic. At the same time I guess 90% of people might think its total gibberish… So completely skip it if its the case, I just thought it was worth it because it might give the insomnia issue and whatnot in case people pump too much on the coccyx muscle, and I have been through this in energy exercises that gave me bad nights until I learned to deal with this. Hope its helpful somehow.

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Originally Posted by kazooplayer
It seems that the time has come to get into the theory of ballooning, so here is my contribution to the discussion:
Ballooning is all about switching the primary driving force behind your erection, from your sympathetic, to your parasympathetic system; this is why we avoid the underside of the glans, the spot that creates a “fight or flight” response within us - by working with the other sweet spots, we are, in effect, telling our dick, “it’s ok, we have all the time in the world.”

This is well said, and I agree completely. I do think the term ‘ballooning’ is confusing and unnecessary. It has been used in these forums to describe everything from standard edging to mind-only derived dry orgasms. I also think the focus on “sweet spots” throws a lot of people off, and is not as important as some of these ballooning threads imply. The following threads present a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to this stuff, for anyone who’s interested:

Ballooning Demystified
Dick Control: A Primer


“‘Ballooning’ has been used in these forums to describe everything from standard edging to mind-only derived dry orgasms.”
Not by the actual ballooners though ;)

For a sweet side tangent I throw in the two terms: sacral chakra and sacred sex (as in what, among others, the christian religious sects threw out of their program).

Have a good morning, I must run.. or drive.. ah you know, family business ! ;)



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