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Ballooning Demystified


Ballooning Demystified

Note: This began as part of a much larger article I'm working on, but the description became so lengthy I figured I'd just go ahead and post it as a separate thread. In attempting to describe ballooning as clearly as possible I found it expedient to coin a couple of new terms. I hope they aid in the cause of clarity.

There has been a lot of talk about ballooning. Some people seem to just get it, while others find it difficult to even figure out exactly what it is. Some have reported profound transcendental states and full-body orgasms through protracted ballooning. If you experience this, consider it a bonus, but that’s not the point of this discussion. Our goals here are more pragmatic.

Practically speaking, and for our purposes, ballooning is simply a form of edging that incorporates Extreme Kegels,* Super Reverse Kegels,** and massaging the fully erect penis with an emphasis on the lower shaft, base, and perineum areas.

When one is extremely aroused and approaching the PONR while ballooning, a very light touch is often required not to slip over the edge. When incorporating long-held reverse kegels, it is not uncommon for semen to “leak” out without the usual sensations of ejaculation, and without losing one’s erection, and the session may be continued uninterrupted. Many find that avoiding the glans and other more sensitive areas helps to prolong the session.

You may find that when practicing this, the very sensitive spot that most men have about an inch below the frenulum will extend down the corpus spongiosum to a point closer to the root of penis. In this highly aroused state, massaging and pressing lightly on the perineum and the very bulb of the penis can be extremely pleasurable. Also, the base of the penis where it meets the pubic bone may be much more sensitive than usual. The key is to experiment and find what works for you, without worrying too much about “magic spots” and the like.

This exercise can greatly expand the size of the glans, at least for the duration of the session. Also, with practice, it can be used as a form of ejaculation control by short-circuiting the involuntary BC contractions. The swelling, or “ballooning” effect can also give great pleasure to a woman during intercourse.

Here is a basic, step-by-step outline to get you started:

1.Begin by stimulating yourself as you normally would when masturbating (without using porn!)

Once you feel yourself approaching the PONR, slow down and begin performing slow, medium-strength kegels on the inhale, and releasing them on the exhale. If you are highly aroused at this point, avoid the glans and use a massage style touch around the base and lower shaft.

Slightly increase the intensity of the kegels with each rep/inhalation. After five or so reps, start to do Reverse Kegels on the exhalations. After about 10 reps, you should be getting close the Super Kegel level, incorporating all the muscles of the pelvic floor in the contraction, with more and more focus on the sphincters. You’ll be moving from kegels to reverse kegels on your in-breath and out-breath.

For the final rep, perform a Super Pulling Kegel,* drawing the energy away from and out of your penis, and hold for three breath cycles. Your erection level should subside somewhat at this point. If it doesn’t, repeat the three breath Super Kegel, and lighten up on the stimulation until it does.

Repeat step one if desired.

2. Now bring yourself back to 100% erection and as close the PONR as you can get, without doing kegels or reverse kegels—keeping you pelvic muscles totally relaxed. Once you’re at 100 % erection, and as aroused as you can comfortably get without involuntary BC contractions beginning, do an Extreme Kegel* on the inhale, hold through the exhale, and repeat. Do as many reps as you wish, but when the erection level starts to fade, relax again and bring yourself back to 100%. If you are doing it correctly, your glans should swell dramatically (a “ballooning” effect.) You might also notice that 100% erection begins to have a greater value as you repeat the cycle. In other words, your relaxed erection should be getting progressively harder, and when it starts to fade, it’s fading back to what used be 100%.

If Performing the Extreme Kegel on the inhale doesn’t work for you, try doing it on the exhale. You’ll know you’ve got it when you can swell the head and keep it swelled throughout the contraction.

3.After repeating step 2 a couple of times, start adding in some Super Reverse Kegels between the Extreme Kegels. Continue to cycle between ballooning the glans until erection begins to subside slightly and bringing yourself back up to full arousal in a relaxed state. At this point you may notice that the base of your shaft becomes more sensitive, and that the super sensitive spot below the glans on the urethra moves further down, maybe even to the scrotum. Massage the perineum behind the balls as well as the shaft and base. You also might find when you perform the reverse kegel, that some semen escapes. If it does, or if you have a full, slightly uncomfortable feeling in your urethra, go ahead and finish the session by ejaculating (but try and prolong the session for as long as you can before busting a nut!).

The ballooning technique can be incorporated into other forms of edging, or treated as a separate session unto itself.
Have fun, experiment, and find what works for you!

*An Extreme Kegel is a reverse kegel leading into a Super Pushing Kegel. (A Super Pushing Kegel is a strong, long-held kegel incorporating all of the muscles of the pelvic floor, including the anal sphincters, directing the force of the contraction into the penis. A Super Pulling Kegel would be the same thing, but with the force of the contraction toward the tailbone, away from the penis.)
**A Super Reverse Kegel is a strong, long-held reverse kegel.

Thanks for the summary.

But I had somehow understood that balloning was meant to target the shaft as well, not only the glans?

regards, mgus

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The net effect of a prolonged session will be a much harder, firmer shaft, but the most pronounced symptom of the exercise, at least as I practice it, is a dramatic swelling of the glans.

Thanks for not saying that this is a road to gains. I still don’t find it likely that guys who claim to have enlarged their penis with this form of extended masturbation made those gains by this technique alone. There was probably something else going on in addition or they changed the way they measured.

Originally Posted by westla90069
Thanks for not saying that this is a road to gains. I still don’t find it likely that guys who claim to have enlarged their penis with this form of extended masturbation made those gains by this technique alone. There was probably something else going on in addition or they changed the way they measured.

Agreed. The only “gains” I would claim for this technique is that it can maximize the erection and temporarily expand the glans (i.e. while holding the contraction.) However, I don’t think that’s to be scoffed at—a larger, harder dick is always a good thing, whether permanent or not, right?

Thanks Rasputin…eh I mean Cheeva!

That’s probably the most articulate article I have ever read on ballooning. Just when I get ready to forget about it, something like this comes along and will probably get me to give it another go.

It may very well be that producing a super strong BC can LEAD to gains, or at least be conducive to them.

Thanks, and great job.

Thanks Sparky. Reading of your frustration regarding trying this technique in another thread was part of my motivation for writing this.

A couple more points.

I think all the talk about the dorsal nerve and “anal breathing” has created a lot of confusion surrounding this subject. Neither of these things are really the crux of what ballooning is all about, in my opinion. I think they’re optional variations that will probably be discovered spontaneously if my OP is followed, but I’ll touch on them briefly to give a fuller picture.

Once you’ve mastered the technique as it’s presented above, try pressing down on the dorsal side of the shaft at the root while you're holding the Extreme Kegel and your glans is distended. Then experiment with massaging around the area, and maybe focus on it a bit (if it feels good) during the relaxed state when getting your erection back up to 100%. I really don’t think there’s much to it than that. It may or may not work for you (i.e. feel particularly good or profound), but if it doesn’t, I don’t think it really matters. You’re already “ballooning” if you followed my instructions above and are expanding your glans and holding long reverse kegels interspersed with “Extreme Kegels.”

As for “anal breathing,” that is quit simple as well, and again non-essential in my view. Here’s how to do it:

When you’re holding the Super Reverse Kegel (a strong, long-held reverse kegel) the natural state of your asshole will be slightly “pooched out” due to the internal pressure you are exerting on the pelvic floor. So, while holding the reverse kegel, very gently clench and relax (or “pucker”) your asshole. Repeat. That’s it!

The reason that many people claim to ejaculate without orgasm when doing this is that repeated reverse kegels at a high level of arousal will very often send semen into the urethra, and the “puckering” simulates a mild BC contraction and sends the semen up and out. Simple as that.

Originally Posted by sparkyx
Now if you could explain the multiple dry orgasms to me, you will have cleared up ALL my Taoist sex practice confusion…

Ha! That might a little harder to explain, but I’m working on this article…

Will do Sparky.

I think ballooning can produce gains, not by expanding the glans but by expanding the entire penis to it’s maximum perimeters. Each time the perimeters increase ever so slightly. Or it could be this, your just reaching your maximum erect potential which is typically bigger than it normally is. After repeating the habit this may translate into gains.

This is a great thread, an makes instructions easy to understand.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Thanks for the vote of confidence, KP.

I’d love to hear what other ballooning vets have to say about this approach.

Good summary, albeit a bit different than what I advocate, namely rubbing the dorsal side and avoiding the underside as much as possible. I think you’re using a different approach to reach the same end, but I have to ask, does your penis pop out some and curve back towards your body more than usual while doing this?

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Thanks for responding, kazoo.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “pop out.” It becomes incredibly hard, and the skin is stretched very taught over the shaft. If I press on the base close to the pubic bone while holding either a strong pushing kegel or a reverse kegel I guess you could describe it as “popped out,” though I’ve never thought of it like that. As far as curving back towards my body, no. I don’t have any curve in my penis at all. The angle of erection does increase (becomes higher.)

If you don’t mind my asking, why do you think it’s so important to avoid the underside of the shaft? Do you think this should be a hard and fast rule? If so, why?

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