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Ball zinger - new great (but difficult) idea for boosting voltage

I’m new to this, but have been interested in the BallZinger. Got the materials…Zinc from McMaster and copper tubing from Home Depot. I’m using red and amber latex tubing from a medical pharmacy locally. I’ve made three BZs but only two are comfortable enough to wear. When I measure voltage (Radio Shack digital pocket vom) I get between .65 and .845v. I get the higher reading after I’ve been working or more damp in the crotch. I get good readings maybe because I am fully shaved, both cock and balls. I have not tried any variations yet such as filling the tubing with any solution. Don’t see any reason to as long as I get .7v to .8v. Has anyone been using the BZ long enough to see long term results? I am a pumper and regularly pump the balls for more blood flow and action there. I’ve always been high and tight in the balls, and am hoping the BZ will aid some growth in the region. Any comments?



Sounds like you’re a high voltage kind of guy!
How do you pump your balls - with a cock and ball tube, a 2-stage, an STJ?



"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams

After reading this entire thread I had a revelation! I set my two cerwin vega 12” floorstanders about 2 1/2 feet apart and sat between them playing my favorite CD. My balls have increased 50% from one session!!!! LOL


PS. I hope no one takes me seriously ;)

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so far so good with the zinger, now trying magnets

This is so intriguing. I’ve been wearing the ball zinger for 3 days now, and for me, I can get harder more easily and my penis has gotten some sensitivity back. I got some magnets (round ceramic with holes in the middle), and will try wearing those.

Since those magnets are bulky, I was wondering if one of those Homedic magnetic wrist bands or bracelets would work. Have any of you tried that?

This is too much fun, “The Physics of Potency and Penis Enlargement”.

I had a look at those Homedic magnetic wrist bands or bracelets and found them far to expensive (UK£25 to UK£60), so dicided to try to make one using small magnets from a magnet wipeboard.

I’ve place north facing inwards towards the skin (is that right?), I’ll let you all know how I get on with it.

A UK source for the zinc rods can be found (there are several listed, and will show non-uk countries to!):…=1&Lang=English

One of those sites contain the rods, but boy they’re not cheap:…~~~zinc%20rod~~

A question to everyone using these, which one should I make the orignal or the new version?


I’ve been wearing my “ballzinger” for about 3 weeks now, and I definitely notice an improvement….regular morning wood again (it’s been a few years) and erections are easier to obtain. I actually got my semen analyzed (for other reasons) and the sperm count was twice the previous test a couple months before. The doctor said it was “impressive”. The quantity of semen still seems to depend mostly on water intake during the day. I no longer drink coffee, and I try to take in about 1 gallon of water a day. It makes quite a difference!

So, who else has something to report about their ballzinger use? Let’s hear it, guys!

Blakoe, Dipix, and Kent

After I ordered my Blakoe ring, I had some questions and wrote to the distributor. Here is the reply. At the bottom of the page, read “cont’d…” as “If I can be of any further service ….”.

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"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams

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tex, maybe its just me but I can’t see a reply. Guess they aren’t a particularly verbose company ?!?

Try it now.


"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams

I saw this mentioned atleast a couple times,….. adding water to the tubes between the electrodes.

I want to tell you it’s counter-productive. Yes it will increase voltage between the electrodes BUT electricity takes the path of least resistance so instead of the electricity flowing through your body (which is the reason this supposedly works) the current takes the shorter route and flows through the liquid.

2 questions

2 questions on the ball zinger:

When is the best time to start ball-zinging :) for maximum effect?

I’ve heard that the effects of the ball zinger seem to plateau off after a while, & it wasn’t clear to me whether they decreased or not.

My girlfriend is returning from travelling in a couple weeks, and I want to “surprise her” with one of those mythical 15-squirt cumshots. So my question is, when should I start wearing the ball-zinger for the best effect? 2 days before? 2 weeks before? I was planning on trying it out now (I have the zinc rod) for a day or so as a test run. I’ll definitely let y’all know how it works out :)

2nd question- The ball-zinger appears to increase testosterone levels.. does this have an effect on hair loss? (another concern of mine) It seems higher testosterone levels are correlated with hair loss after a certain age. Has anyone experienced this with the zinger?

-Zingin’ in the rain,

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hey skinneeD, good to see this post rise from the grave. I have been wearing the ball zinger off an on for a few months. I wore it for a while with the latex tubing, but then I got one of those shoelace thingys that lock, and I wrapped it around the edges of the zinc, and then through the center of the copper to hold it in place. I like it much more than the latex, as the latex just started to stink after a while. Anyway, as for results tapering off, I think they do, well, at least I haven’t gotten the same effect as I have the first few weeks. One thing I noticed is that it made my balls a lot bigger. I remember getting out of the shower one day and I freaked out… they were huge, I thought I had cancer. As for the orgasms… they were very intense, although I have not gotten up to 15 shots.. man, that 25 spurts that one guy was talking about is just crazy.. I wish I could get that. Has anyone else had an increase of shots? I usually get about 7-8 streams. When I wear the ball zinger, it seems like I shoot less, and it is thicker, but the orgasm is very strong. I haven’t heard any zinger posts in a while, is anyone still wearing it?

I’m also glad to see this thread resurrected. I’ve been thinking about giving the zinger a try, though if I do I’ll skip the zinc/copper/tubing hassle and attach electrodes to a battery.

Anyone else have an update? Did it do anything for you?

quest for the latex

I actually had a hell of a time getting the latex tubing- Seems the local horse junkies end up stealing it all. These stores would show that they had it in stock, then you’d go to the shelf and it would all be gone. So I had to go to like three stores before I eventually found some. They cut it for you there, off of a big roll. The dude asked me how much I wanted, When I told him I only needed about 2 feet he wouldnt look me in the eyes anymore!

I wanted to clarify things, but what was I going to say, “No, no, its for my balls!”

"If you build it, she will cum." --Growth of Dreams

less cum or more cum?

hey anon, the big-balls story is hilarious! I’m actually not so keen about the thicker cum part.. I guess I want thinner cum so I can shoot farther.. You say you actually shoot LESS with the zinger?

I’ll try it anyway to see what happens. I’m guessing I should wear it for about a week before my girlfriend blows into town, as it were. Reading the posts I get the impression that not a lot of people have tried this, but I’m curious to see if it really does make you shoot more in general.

But man, 25 shots is friggin unbelievable- that would be like turning my girlfriend into a Jackson Pollack painting.. I could put out a kitchen fire with my dick.

"If you build it, she will cum." --Growth of Dreams


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