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Ball zinger - new great (but difficult) idea for boosting voltage

Current or magnetism

Hi Guys
In England we say this is my ‘tuppence worth’.So here it is.The ball zinger needs an Electrolyte to produce a voltage like any battery.This comes from the moisture on the skin which is slightly salty.So is it the voltage and the small microamp current doing the job or is it the very very samll magnetic flux generated by the curent flow.If it is magnetism ,throw the zinger away, wind a pair of coils attach a battery and get immediate mega magnetic flux,the coils could be wrapped in comfy material for protection.If it is voltage we can stick with thezinc /copper zinger or maybe use contacts on the skin connected again to a battery.I have experimented with small 1.5 V batteries already and surprisingly the current is usually lower than the zinger.I might try a magnetic coil and see what happens.If it works then we dont need to have metal against the skin at all.
You guys have any more ideas on this

Tom Sorry didnt see your part no for the Zinc.Got it now will ask McMasters about shipping, thanks



I’m interested in your idea.



Ok this is all wonderful news but can we bring it down a notch for this newbie

2 Questions

1. What are the Benefits and Hindrances of a Ballzinger?

2. How long can I wear it?


That info can be found in this thread. Benefit, theoretically, is to increase testosterone. I haven’t experienced any real hindrances, others have, just read through.


Aha.. some interesting ideas =) This current vs flux discussion might have an impact on the usage of the salt-water ball zinger (*snicker*), which has its own built-in electrolyte…


Did a search on the build your own electromagnet kind of thing. Seems impractical to make a portable one due to battery drain and heat generation.


Need zinc, please

I am living in Mexico and I am having a hard time finding pure zinc. Would anyone consider selling 3” to me. Also, when you are at it, I could buy 3” of copper tube as well.

Pure Zinc

Hi guys
The term ‘pure zinc’is a bit misleading as the item in Toms site is not pure it is an alloy but it does not contain any toxic substance that I can see.McMasters can supply but now I know that I am not after really pure zinc I reckon I can get it in the UK.If you want delivery to mexico perhaps they can ship to you .
I also see that these rods contain a steel core,if you want magnetism they must surely be able to be magnetised by coil or another permanent magnet.Save using coils or adding extra magnets.


Any updates from our Zinger heroes? What effects are you feeling now?

Are people just using the tubing without any additional conductive ‘juice’ like the saline solution?

Short term noticeable effects have slowed. Longer term less noticeable effects are cropping up. For instance, my beard is thicker. Never had five-o-clock shadow before, do now.

Tubing with magnets, no saline.


So, Moth, you are saying shorter term effects have *plateaued*? Or have they receded?

Since it seems you are one of the longtermers with this thing, could you list the effects to date?

Results are not clean anymore, some may be from the Vitex.

Initial effects were increased strength and recovery in the gym, some blackheads (since passed), much more intense orgasms and increased flaccid hang. These have leveled and are stable (with occaisional spikes).

The new (or just now noticeable) effects, like beard growth, are interesting. I took a month off from the gym yet my muscle density has increased.

Maybe I’m just reaching puberty.


I still use it on and off (aprox every other day, for 2 hours or so). After the initial spike of results from 24/7 I didn’t find it was doing much.

My base level of circulation & overall health/fitness is quite abby-normal though. Also I am a long term Zapper user (8+hours every night). Either of these could invalidate me as a typical ball zinger user, don’t know.

Tubing with saline

Running a Massive Co-Front.

One-hour hardon - electromagnetic Viagra?

Moth, you are inspirational!

I got caught at a seminar in front of people with one ball escaping - it was sore for a day and a half after - and so put the zingersnicker on the shelf. But after reading your post thought OK this isn’t just my imagination (I have my moments of doubt - can jelq sticks really work, for example ;) ), and maybe I need to do this again. So I put it on yesterday, slept with it and - oh important detail yesterday was a day off from PE so there was none of that residual stimulation/soreness - woke up at 6, when I normally arise, with an impressive woody.

So what. 15 minutes later I was still lying there on my back daydreaming, not touching it, and it was still off my belly.

Ditto thirty minutes later. 35. 45.

One hour!

At that point I took the BZ off, and it subsided. Mostly. What can I say. At almost age 48 it’s pretty amazing to have a hardon for an hour without putting your hand on it, and no pharmaceuticals involved (I’ve never tried Vigra, and don’t plan to).

Maybe there is something to this thing….


What the hell is a zapper???

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