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Ball zinger - new great (but difficult) idea for boosting voltage

Ball zinger - new great (but difficult) idea for boosting voltage

I was playing around the other day, and discovered that if you replace the air in the ball zinger with saline solution, the voltage produced jumps from ~.12 volts to ~.80. Yow!

Whether this is a good thing or not I have yet to know. When I did finally get the .8V water-filled unit on (the problem, below) I immediately went to a VERY large flaccid state pushing toward erection. I don’t know if that’s in my head or what.

Problem: if you just fill the tube and push it on, it doesn’t stay attached (presumably because of the lubrication from the water). I tried drying the tube end with denatured alcohol, but that didn’t work…perhaps had I given it more time; I’ll try that with fresh latex hose.

Then I tried injecting saline solution throught the hose with a medical syringe, which worked well (also sucking out the air), but that leaves holes in the tube, which dribble when the latex is stretched.

One more idea is to inject solution right next to the rod or tube, then push the tube further so the hole is covered by the metal contact. I’ll try that when I resupply with latex hose.

And other ideas?

what compny sells the original?


I’m trying the one discussed elsewhere in this board using a combo of zinc and copper as electrodes in a string “bracelet” similar to a cock ring - I use 4 each zinc and copper elements, and normally read between .6 - .8 volts in each element pair. The proposed reason for these devices is increased generation of sperm and testosterone - in MY case, I’m hoping those increases will assist in my efforts to reduce my erectile dysfunction problem. I’ve only been using it for a week now, made my own - time will tell….


Originally posted by cyberstud25
what compny sells the original?


The original would be a Blakoe ring - here’s one reference: Google turned up about 100 more. Looks like you can still buy them. When I bought mine, I believe there were different sizes, but now just one.

It’s a good thing to have but because of its hardness gets a little tiresome after a few days.


The one I made is strung on a heavy rubber band of appropriate size - I wear it essentially 24 hours a day - no problems… Now if there will just be any actual benefit…


Got a solution - testing in progress

Just successfully completed and am wearing a .8 volt zinger with saline solution. Trick is to use superglue to glue the latex to the copper tube and one end of the zinc, then fill with solution. Push remaining latex end onto zinc farther than usual (usual being 1/4”) and roll back latex, stopping before it comes off. Let dry (or, if impatient like me, hit with alcohol to dry) and coat the exposed side with superglue, then roll back onto the rod.

Let superglue dry before making contact with scrotum, penis shaft, or pubic hair. (gosh, did I have to tell you that ;-)

We’ll see if it stays on tonight….

Tom, I just finished building the ball zinger as described on your website. It was rather easy to do and fairly inexpensive. I just had to wait a few days for the zinc rod to arrive from McMaster. I bought everything else from the local hardware store. I haven’t tried adding the saline to increase the voltage but I will give it a try. I’ll wear it for a couple months and keep everyone posted on any affects I can see and/or feel. By the way, I also built the hanger made from PVC tubing. It works pretty good. I hope to see some growth with it. Thanks.


Why bother with the saline solution? All it’s doing is providing a current path between the positive and negative pole of a battery. Why not just use wire?


Why and how (maybe)


You certainly could do wire; it’s just how exactly would you attach it and still be able to get the tube over the metal bits - it’s real hard to compress the latex longitudinally. The latex tube makes it comfortable to wear and allows it to stretch as your penis expands. I’ll play with it when I get a chance….


The copper and zinc become a battery with electrical potential, which creates a slight current through whatever conductor, including your body, that connects them. When you get warm and sweat a bit, it stands to reason you’d get more electrical flow because of the increased conductivity of your wet (and saline) skin.

The saline solution makes the battery a bit stronger, but it does deteriorate before long. Mine came apart after a couple weeks.

A hearing aid battery might be neat to use, but it rusts…and who knows what voltage is optimal. I suspect a very slight current is all that’s needed, but my understanding is very limited.


Is the current the thing that makes this ring functional or is it the topical application of the zinc and copper molecules and the current justs helps with “loosening up” the molecules to be absorbed? I don’t know anything about this at all, just supposing. :)

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Ball Zinger results

Hey guys,

Just to let you know I have been wearing the Ball Zinger for about twenty hours now and it already seems to have had a postive effect. For most of the night I had a semi hard on. It was very difficult to ignore whenever I rolled over. Then when I awoke this morning, my boy was standing at full attention. Veins were popping out everywhere. I was pleasantly surprised. It had been a while since I’ve morning wood that big and solid. Also, my balls seem to have increased in size too. Don’t know if that can be attributed to the electrical current or if it’s just from wearing the Zinger. Regardless, I’m going to keep wearing the BZ. It’s very comfortable and creates a rather nice bulge in the wranglers. I’ll continue to keep you all posted on any results.

I made two different versions of the zinger and have been wearing one for two weeks. The effects are pronounced, one of the neatest ideas I’ve seen. I was reading about experiments with the south pole of magnets increasing circulation and decided to add this to the loop. I used Tom’s 2nd version with a solid piece of zinc with tubing rolled over the ends and stuck a small magnet to either end of the zinc rod and rolled the tubing back over the ends. When I put it back on there was a noticeable increase in hang and a warm feel throughout my unit.

I also tried different substances to see their effect on voltage. I didn’t like the look of a number of the ingredients in commercial conductive gel and did not try it. Most of the heavy substances(vaseline, tiger balm red (that was a treat), bag balm, etc.) reduced the voltage reading significantly. Saliva and sweat bring it way up but dry quickly. Calendula gel (a homeopathic salve for irritated skin like the Arnica many use for bruising) buried the needle. This is what I’ve been using.

Later, Moth.

Moth, Jimwants10, Thunder

Moth and Jimwants10, thanks for letting me know I’m not crazy! I thought this thing was cool and couldn’t believe nobody else was picking up on it!

Moth: Calendula gel - outstanding! What kind of voltages increase are you getting with gel, and what type of magnets did you use?

Thunder, it’s not chemical, it’s electrical - electrons being subtracted from one substance and added to another by way of whatever is in between that conducts electricity (like your body). Anything that produces electrical current would do the same thing. (Guess I should really go to - great site! - and read up on how batteries and electricity work. I’m a little fuzzy myself.)

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