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Ball zinger - new great (but difficult) idea for boosting voltage

A solution:)

I, too, have recently began using the Ball Zinger to my great benefit.

First off, yes, putting the saline (electrolytic) solution into the tubes does increase the voltage, but the current runs *inside* and not *outside*. What happens is that you have a nice battery around you balls doing no work. One needs the current to run *INSIDE* the body.

Ok, I shower with mine to add some dampness and for a short time whilst drying off, I have better conductivity through my nads and cock—a booster shot so to speak. The rest of the time, the voltage between the rods will vary with my skin’s conductivity and that is a self regulating thing. I scape off the oxidation every other day to get the best contact. I only take off the device when having sex. To use almost any cream or lotion around the device will increase conductivity (see recipe below), but one must keep the lotion from being continuously applied to ones cock and balls else the current will pass thru the lotion and not into the skin.

What is happening? First, you are adding zinc into your body and in the Number One, Ichiban place, your nads. People with diminished sex drive, adrenal stress, immune system depression, and so on have zinc deficiencies. This corrects this. In men, we tend to have zinc deficiencies for stresses mental, emotional, and physical and toxins physical and environmental as well as in our foods. Zinc is used by the testes, the adrenals, and the immune system. With this device, you will get the boost that you need. I was taking 4 OptiZinc caps a day to a good benefit, but when I added the Ball Zinger, I had an amazing result after 4-8 hours and continue to this day. One does need to be mindful that one can have too much Zinc. But in the world I live in, the stresses and the toxins and the copper in my life is high enough that I have not found a state where I measure too much Zinc in my diet or in my body. I think that dental almagams also zap Zinc and one need lots of Zinc to counter that (specualtion on my part here).

Next, we are adding electricity to the body in that area. Both Magnetism and Electricity improve the circulation, and so on. I also use the south pole over the two arteries that pass down each leg and that has been great for my nads as well. From one post above, I see that I need to combine the two methods together.

My balls are much, much bigger and my cock in it flaccid state is full of blood, heat, and vitality. My morning boners are more frequent and better. I think my testosterone production is higher, but I have no way of proving that since I won’t stop using the device long enough to get a baseline “before” measurement. My semen quantitiy is higher and my recovery time is shorter. My flaccid length is more consistently longer.

This device is the single best thing that I have done to maintain my male sexual health. (BTW, The single best supplement is cod liver oil.)

A good lotion is to get some sea salt and dissolve it into water. Once dissolved (it need not be dissolved but the jelly will be gritty otherwise), mix with KY jelly or the really any kind of lotion . It will be soupy, but you leave the lid off for an hour or two mixing periodically until you get the consistency that you like. Then coat the metal bars only and your skin conductivity will improve. Salt will burn the skin if broken or abraided.

Kind regards,


Electronics Engineer, Reams Bionization Specialist (balancing the body’s chemistry), Herbalist, Naturopathic Consulatant, and Lay Healer.

Originally Posted by shivalingam


Electronics Engineer, Reams Bionization Specialist (balancing the body’s chemistry), Herbalist, Naturopathic Consulatant, and Lay Healer.

Well said Shivalingam…
It is encouraging to hear from those who understand the principle working for the ballzinger , are competent to explain it properly, and confirm what all ballzinger wearers know: IT DOES WORK..!

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Oooops…sorry. My apologies.

I suppose that my enthusiasm for the ballzinger got the best of me. I should I said “many ballzinger users, including myself “. I hope I did not offend anyone that got zilch wearing the zinger.

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Dedicated to Building the Perfect Zinger!

I wonder whether there is any benefit from increasing the voltage.

The more current that passes through the body, the more it tenses the muscles and stops them working. The muscles controlling the testicles don’t need to flex much as all they do is the essential thing of producing chemicals and sperm. So it may be that the very low voltage is the best way of boosting performance, Also, the higher voltage and therefore higher current could have a detrimental effect on the life of sperm - or even kill them before they get a chance to do their thing - Useful in birth control!!, but don’t take my word for it.

Finally in this picture of doom, too high a voltage - even a low voltage can be too high, might just cause burns on the skin of your scrotum, as the Ballzinger will be in place for long periods of time. I noticed with my own home made device that produced 0.8 volts it was slightly sore where the metal was touching the skin. But the good effects were there again last night, so I shall buy one.

voltage increase with silver

Originally Posted by petitfaun
I wonder whether there is any benefit from increasing the voltage.

I don’t think so unless you do it elementally. No need to force it. I conjecture that the body takes in the metal elements at its rate and the conductivity of the body is a function of that.

BTW, lonelybb for the kind words.

But anyway, we want to increase the voltage.
What were are looking for is the natural voltage potential between the elements. The body (biological matter and the living) is largely a Direct Current beastie. We want to use the elements that are useful to us. Aluminium is out for reasons of toxicity. Silver has the ability to kill a huge variety of pathogens (all virii and all but 6 known bacterial pathogens). Pure silver is relatively easy to get ( ) [no plug, it is just where I buy my silver.] With silver, we have a greater potential, so we can get more voltage. Zinc -0,763 == Silver +0,799 yields a 1.562 volt potential. Pretty good. There is a caveat. Silver oxide can permanently discolour the skin. Gold would not discolour the skin, but it very expensive.

I have prostatitis and I am thinking of switching to silver vice copper on a rotational basis to get elemental silver in that area to help kill the beasties infecting me. Gold is out until I gin up up some scrap 24Kt or get an electroplating rig set up and electroplate some silver wire with gold. I have some pure silver wire around here somewhere, so I am going to make a zinc-silver arrangement when I find the wire.

Given the caveat about staining, I think using silver is a fine idea. It also is a good idea to get away from the copper from time to time.

Kind regards,


Electronics Engineer, Reams Bionization Specialist (balancing the body’s chemistry), Herbalist, Naturopathic Consultant, and Lay Healer.

Gold is out until I gin up up some scrap 24Kt or get an electroplating rig set up and electroplate some silver wire with gold.
As a thought you might consider goldplated audio plugs .

I don’t know what quality the gold is, but it would be a fairly cheap option.
If you are going to gold plate then you should get a better quality onto whatever you are plating.

Have a look in your local audio store. You might find something useful there.

Good luck!


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>>> “As a thought you might consider goldplated audio plugs . “

Good idea, but the base material behind the gold is usually, tinned copper, meaning that tin, lead, and a few other obnoxious elements will be present once the gold layer is pierced. I work in the electronics industry and have goldplated everything. I collect the gold plated components off the old junk cards and gear with the intent of getting the gold. I make jewelry, so that is the goal in mind for that gold. The gold is not pure enough for use in the body. I also am an alchemist and it is best to use the purest Gold possible in the Great Work.

I was thinking about my origina post. I did not write all I do down.

I swap sides daily at noon or so. Copper one side, zinc the other; then switch. And one day in seven and one week in seven, I take off the device.

With kindest regards, Shivalingam, Electronics Engineer, Reams Bionization Specialist (balancing the body's chemistry), Herbalist, Naturopathic Consultant, and Lay Healer.

Originally Posted by hang10
I saw this mentioned atleast a couple times,….. adding water to the tubes between the electrodes.

I want to tell you it’s counter-productive. Yes it will increase voltage between the electrodes BUT electricity takes the path of least resistance so instead of the electricity flowing through your body (which is the reason this supposedly works) the current takes the shorter route and flows through the liquid.

I thought it is counter productive too. Now I am not so sure. I placed a copper and zinc rod on my touch and felt no zing, when I touched the 2 rods together I got a mild shock. I am not sure why this is. People have played around with voltmeters but what about ammeters (current meters).

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Wouldn’t pure gold be a bit too soft to use? I can imagine the plating rubbing off very quickly (not that I have a stash of pure gold rods around here to test it just now :)

I couldn’t detect any measurable amps, but in a way I’m glad of that. My understanding is that we can carry 1000’s of volts but the amps really really suck.

For those that believe the main benefit (if any) to this is Zinc absorbtion, would that apply simply through skin contact or is it the potential difference that creates the transfer? I guess what I’m asking in a round about way is “Would silver still absorb if it is on the ‘flow towards’ end of the circuit” (Sorry, electricity was never a particular talent of mine).

Hey guys!

Once again I would like to hear about long term usage. It seems that initially may ball zappers get a good response, then tapers off. The body has many balancing systems to prevent hormones and other things from getting too high. Like bodybuilders taking steroid…there own testosterone productions drops way off. I’m wondering if there is a feedback loop like that with this? Could someone who has used this for a decent amount of time comment (2-6 months)? Tom Hubbard are you still out there?



it may turn out that like steroids, the zinger is best used in cycles, but I’d love to hear from guys who have used it seriously.


If you hang on for a couple of months, there are 12 of us just starting out, so hopefully the answers will start coming in soon.

The steroid analogy might not be the best one since the hormones are exogenous and the body tries to compensate. The jury is still out on the zingers axis of influence (if any), but the main ones seem to be zinc supplementation or DC energy. Either way, the reported effects are quite the opposite of a shutdown, it might be something like stimulation of the Leydig cells or something (just a wild ass guess).

I have not been following these ballzinger threads as often as I would like due to my busy schedule at work, but when I do I enjoy reading all the postings from knowledgeable members with more information to add.

I have been wearing the ballzinger since February, and I must say that the results are consistent with all the comments I have made in the past, and are confirmed by many members postings here.

The excellent results achieved during the first three months start to diminish with time and continuous wearing. Perhaps the body adapts to it, and finds a balance. But the results of more vigorous erections, balls “fullness” as well as a larger and more robust flaccid hang is permanent. I have not stopped wearing the zinger since, and it is a routine I follow every day.
I have reduced wearing the ballzinger to only nights, I find that the results are more noticeable than if I wear it all day and night. I guess that it is good to give the system a “break” in order to allow the body to adapt better to the continuous electrical stimulation. Like everything else in nature, too much of a good thing may not be good for you.

I have built many ballzingers, and I still follow the original 75 years old copper/zinc design of the Blakoe Ring. Tom’s design is by far the most comfortable, practical and simplest design. I have tried everything else, and still go back to the original Tom Hubbard Ballzinger. The only thing I have improved is in the purity of the metal, the copper is solid rod 99.99% purity military grade standard and the zinc is solid rod 99.995% purity, and limited the amount of skin exposure. Although silver or gold are suggested as alternatives, I fear that electroplated gold is not pure enough. I have the opportunity to try with 24K pure gold, but what is the point??. Copper and Zinc do play a beneficial role in the body, and I have posted previously about the benefits of copper and zinc absorption Ballzinger - Information for new members

I do appreciate all the postings and new ideas that keep coming up in this forum, and as time allows, I enjoy posting as well. For those of you that may have a personal question regarding the ballzinger, please send me a PM.

:sheepdo: BALLZINGER :sheepdo: :sheepdo:

Dedicated to Building the Perfect Zinger!

I’m an electrical engineer and can answer a lot of this.

Any time two dissimilar metals are electrically connected through an electrolyte (salt water/sweat), they make a voltage. Copper and zinc are powerfully dissimilar and make a useful voltage. Gold is an inert metal and has no ability to do this. To deliver current and have an effect on something, it must generate power and this slowly consumes some of the metal through surface corrosion.

The copper & zinc & their corrosion byproducts can probably be absorbed through the skin. Copper chlorides, the stuff that turns your wrist green from a piece of jewelry with the gold plating worn off, can be quite irritating. Whether the compounds or the electrical current have any useful effect is debatable.

A carbon battery, often called “heavy duty” (not alkaline), is composed of a carbon rod in the center, a powder of a different carbon type, and a zinc cylinder which is further contained by the metal case. The zinc is removable. However, it could have nasty impurities, such as mercury, though I think they stopped doing that long ago and it was only a tiny amount.

Water can be affected by magnetic fields only under extreme lab conditions and is not changed permanently when the field is removed.

If I am not mistaken, what you need is something to cause a current, so that the voltage can flow. The current is the conduction and movement of the electrons from one charge to another along a circuit. The voltage is the total power out-put of these electrons flowing along the current.

To get voltage you need a current. To get a current I think you need a circuit for the electrons to flow, in which there is a positive and negative charge. So my question would be, what role is zinc playing in the creation of circuit current and what role is the copper playing? Is one metal acting as the negative charge and the other metal acting as the positive charge? Or are they both acting as a combination of positive and negative charges?

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