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AIs + DLD Blasters

AIs + DLD Blasters

Hello All,

I know that I am not the first one to try this, but I just wanted some feedback on it. Has anyone tried the DLD Blasters combined with the Johan’s AI stretches? What I mean is doing the AI(pull and when the point is reached the PC muscle is pulling against the pull hold for 2 seconds and then release for 2 seconds and repeat). Before you begin the stretch do the Reverse Kegel and then begin the pull. I must say that after about 15 of these last night it felt like I was really working the ligs. Another combination I tried was the AIs incorporated with the new DLD Bundle Blasters. Ouch.

Anyone try these before? I really have just started doing these, but I am going to stick with this as my primary manual stretching exercise for at least a month. I am also hanging, and using the Penis Stretcher from AndroMedical as my ADS device.


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Re: AIs + DLD Blasters

Originally posted by Sappy1
Another combination I tried was the AIs incorporated with the new DLD Bundle Blasters. Ouch.

Yeah but Ouch so good :)

Sounds very cool…please keep us updated on your gains.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

What’s AI?

Artificial Intelligence :-)

Andro, you know this thread is over 2.5 years old, right? If he hasn’t figured out what JAIs are by now, he ain’t ever gonna find out. ;)

Just look at the date before responding to some of these old threads. :)

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