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What should I feel when stretching

What should I feel when stretching

So, I am a few sessions into my Newbie Routine, but something is troubling me.

My first time out I did all the basic manual stretches, and I thought I was getting a workout because I felt a pull in my pubic bone. However, I had neglected to retract my foreskin (I’m circumcised, so it’s more like a twoskin), and realized the pull I felt was just my skin, not any ligaments. So I grabbed some powder, retracted my twoskin, and went to town.

The only problem is that now I feel nothing in my pelvic area, just the localized pain on my shaft where I am gripping. I tried pulling harder, but the death grip this necessitated was above my pain threshold, and even then I felt nothing.

So my question is this.. SHOULD I feel anything?

You should feel serenity within your soul.

Nah, seriously retract any foreskin you may have and stretch. If you don’t feel anything try different angles. Take your time, don’t pull like a mad man right from the beginning. There’s a learning time required for any PE exercise…

PE is no cience so we can never tell.

I feel a sensation of stretch at the bottom where it connects to my body (looking from above). :)

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