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Dont feel ligaments stretching when jelqing??

Dont feel ligaments stretching when jelking??

Hi Guys:

I have a question. I’ve been PEing for about 3 weeks now and have learned a lot!! I have some questions though and I have not been able to find a thread that specifically addresses the concern.

I do the basic jelqing exercise but I dont feel the stretch in the ligs (root penis area??) Should I be feeling the stretch there?? When I do the basic jelqing I strok downward to the head. Should I be stroking upward?? Say to the 10 to 12 o’clock position??

Thank you,

Day Wakler

You wont feel a stretch in the ligs when jelqing unless you are actually pulling the penis instead of milking it. The idea of jelqing is to move blood into the glands not to stretch.

PM me if you have anymore queries over PE.

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