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What exactly is a kegel

What exactly is a kegel

Is it just contracting your PC muscle? I am completely new and clueless to this whole PE thing, so please help out a newb.

BTW, I did a search for kegel, but came up with a million threads. IT seems as if kegel is the word of this forum and comes up in every post. LOL

I searched through a bunch of threads and never really found exactly what it is and the exact way to practice it. I’m pretty sure I have a good guess, but I don’t wanna be ignorant and assume.


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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Thank you very much guys, just what I was looking for. Great bunch of people you have here

Hey thanks guys, I also had trouble finding out what kegels really are, thanks for the links, you guys are great.

Kinda weird.I’m reviving my old thread from almost 2 years ago here instead of starting a new one. I’d like to hear peoples opinions on kegel’ing. I’m gonna assume all the vets are most likely pro-kegel, but I’ve been reading a few threads here saying kegeling ruined their sex life and make them cum faster. Maybe a poll would be more appropriate here. So how many think kegels are more hurtful than helpful?

What is the main purpose of kegeling? Is it to achieve harder erections? From what I understand a newb kegel’er may cum quicker, but then eventually build up endurance over time through kegels? Just wondering cause I wouldn’t mind harder erections, but don’t know if it’s worth sacrificing staying power along with it? Is this just a side effect in a small %? Maybe if someone wants to start a poll to see how many people actually experienced this?

What have been your experiences with kegelling this past two years then hung21?

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That’s the’s kinda sad. I looked back on this thread and realized I posted this 2 years ago, but basically haven’t done any real PE in that time and wonder what could be if I had. I want to at least start with minor stretching, jelqing and kegels. Even a little here and there for a few days a week can’t hurt. Might not help, but I’m gonna try to work up my time each day I do em.

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