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When you doing Kegel .

When you doing Kegel .

After I finished Jelq when I am doing Kegel .I notice that My testicle moved together .especially my left testicle .A little discomfort with my left testicle when I am doing kegel .

Dose any one have this kind of problem ?

What is the correct and good time for do kegel? How muck kegel we need to do ?

I kegel a lot and never experience what you are talking about. Have you ever had an operation on that testicle?


I never had any kind of operation .I 24yr old this year .

I don’t know then. Do you feel discomfort when you touch it?

No ,I didn’t feel any discomfort when I touch my testicle.

I mean when you naked .You can observe what is the reaction of your penis and testicle .

I’m not sure what you mean; maybe you have very high riding testicles.

If you continue to experience discomfort in your testi, you should visit the doctor. It could be an infection or something.

When I kegel my testicles and penis move like a contraction. I kegel all the time when I am driving or at my desk. I can even observe the movement through my pants.

But there is no pain involved fo me. Since you are young maybe you just have “blue balls or lovers nuts” form the excitement of jelqing. After you ejaculate does the pain go away? If not go to a doctor and have it checked out.

This is normal for some guys. If it doesn’t cause a lot of pain, don’t worry about it.

Yes,After I ejaculated.the discomfort will goes away .

May be you right .I am just to curious about it .

Well,thanks Monument .and other guys .

My testicles/penis also move, but I feel no dicomfort.

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