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Wet jelqs wout warmup

Wet jelqs wout warmup

First off, let me promise that I’m not gonna hurt myself for expediency sake. But, I’m doing stealth PE and it’s been difficult; my wife and I work as well as live together. Plus, she knows that I don’t take any longer to poop than a minute or 3-5 minutes to shower, so I’m looking for ways to get PE in consistently in mini sessions.

I would be hesitant to do stretching without a good warm up, but what do we think about some wet jelqs for maybe 5 minutes several times a day without one?

Thanks for everyone’s generous input. I love doing PE and reading at Thunder’s.

Something I started doing was taking really long showers. I do stealth PE, too, and this has confused the people that I live with into now thinking that I “take as long as a girl” when I’m in the bathroom, hahaha. It’s been about a month of PE now, and everyone just sort of got used to my late night baths and don’t pay any mind anymore, especially since I do it after everyone is asleep. My “baths” are around 1 hour in length, now, and I get to do my workouts and go to bed smelling good.

I personally do dry jelqs if I don’t have a lot of time to work my dick, it’s easier to just jump into it, and no mess to clean up. 5 minutes is good, for a bout 2 weeks of 2 days on and 1 day off, then you can bump for 10 minutes and beyond. Remember the shower trick, you don’t even have to take the bath, just make your wife think that this is your new thing, and maybe she’ll just get used to it.

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