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Are dry jelqs less effective than wet jelqs?


Are dry jelqs less effective than wet jelqs?


I’m uncut, so the easiest way to do jelqs is dry jelqs. I need no lube, I just use the foreskin and let it slide, applying pressure when moving it up to the head, then releasing pressure to slide down to the base and so on. I use a palms down OK grip.

Now I wondered if dry jelqs are less effective than wet jelqs. Personally I wouldn’t think so, because the dry jelqs give me a quite intense feeling.

But what is the pro’s opinion on it? (and all the other’s too, of course)

I guess the try jelqs are even better since you can supply more preasure for sure. But don’t overdo it. I think providing preasure just strengthen everything an you need more preasure the next time but don’t gain more faster anyways. So keep it low to get the best out of your manual gain potential.

dry of cause :-)

Dry jelqs are worse for length, but better for girth. Wet jelqs are better for length but worse for girth.

I’m uncut as well, and have considerable foreskin, but trust me, wet jelqing is the key to having length. I wouldn’t do dry jelqs if you want length…dry techniques are almost always for girth. Sadsak slinkies, Ulis, dry jelqs, all (when done dry) impact girth but not length. The only exception is dry stretches but that’s a whole other can of worms to get into so nevermind. =P

I’m new here and havent try any of them.soon I will :)

Phreakk, I’d actually have to disagree. I spent the first month and a half of my PE career wet jelqing to gain .35” girth and not much length. Then the second month I switched to dry jelqing where I gained much length, and my girth actually diminished. There are many other factors at play such as how much blood is in the penis at the time. I don’t think you can generalize and say that dry jelqs are for girth and wet jelqs are for length. At any rate, dry jelqs are not less effective than wet jelqs, it all depends how you go about it. Many members feel that dry jelqing gives a much better workout, myself included.

You’re right about one thing. There are many factors that go into jelqing. It is simply my experience that wet jelqing helps massively with length. Dry exercizes have helped with girth. I’m not talking just based on my own experiences, but experiences of others as well. You can believe whatever you want though, it’s cool.

Can anyone second the claim that wet jelqs are better for length? To me the physics behind it suggests otherwise. Don’t mean any disrespect phreakk:) , just working it out in my own head.

As soon as we get one guy with 2 penises, and he’s willing to dry jelq one & wet jelq the other, we’ll know for sure. :)

Hey Joe cool, what erection percentage do you use when you dry jelq to gain more length than girth. I read your post up above and noticed you said with the right amount of blood in your penis you can affect length more than girth when dry jelqing.

I added various stretches at the end of my wet jelq routine after three months of PE and continued with this routine up to six months—made both length and girth gains. After that I went mostly to a dry jelq/stretch routine. Most of my girth gains came with the wet jelq—length with both.


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The dry type always made my unit unhappy. I am cut.

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I’m only using dry jelqing as a replacement for, what I think, “real” wet jelqing which is what I find most effective for me. I’m cut, maybe this is why I have that impression. It is only in wet jelqing I can utilize the entire stroke from the deepest grip at the base to just before the glans where the stroke should stop. I realize this is very individual, “cut/uncut” is a very blunt way of categorizing what we have to work with.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Different strokes for different folks.


I’m partial to dry jelqs myself.

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