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Weird Weight Loss/Jelq Question

Weird Weight Loss/Jelq Question

I posted the wrong topic, this is the right one.

if someone who has a fat pad(groin fat), jelqs, and gains girth…. when he becomes thin and loses the fat, does his penis that just became revealed look smaller since it was not worked from jelqing?

if so, does everyone recommending doing jelqing after weight loss?

Hey madjelqzster, I have to reply tour PM in this thread I’m afraid. I can’t send you PM’s for some reason, maybe you need to have a certain number of posts like for avatars and posting in members only forums, or maybe you have turned off PM receiving?

Anyway, in response to your question on my routine, at first I just started off with 30 second long flaccid stretches in up/down/left/right directions, followed by about 10-15 minutes jelqing. Did that for a couple of months then dropped down with the PEfor study reasons for about a month, but then started again in the same way and now also do dry jelqs and more stretches and fowfers during the day.Hope that helps. Just remember to actually stick to a routine, thats the best advice I think anyone can give.

In response to this thread, I’m not sure what you mean exactly. Do you mean two seperate cases? One who has a fat pad and jelqs, and one who just decides to lose the fat pad? :confused:

Either way I’d recommend jelqing in almost any situation! :bigwink:

Start: 22 Mar 04: 6.5" BPEL x 4.6" EG & 6" head. As at: 1 Jan 05: 7.5" BPEL x 4.8-4.9" EG & 6.3" head.

Re-re-start!: 6 Feb 17: 6.9" BPEL x 4.9" EG & 5.5" head. As of: 23 Feb 17: 7.0" BPEL x 5.0" EG & 6.0" head.

Ideal: ASAP: 8+" BPEL x 5.5+" EG & 6.5+" head But will continue if the going is good!!

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