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Bib Starter Weight Attachment Question

Bib Starter Weight Attachment Question

Hello Bib,

I just ordered your Bib Starter and I think you or someone told me the best way to attach weights to it before, but I’ve lost the info. I would appreciate your help.

I’ve been pumping for several months, but don’t seem to be gaining except in girth. Not sure just how much time I can spend hanging, but will try to make some time for it as I really want to get to 8” EBPL x 6” EG and I’m currently 6.75” EBPL x 5.125” EG.

I use an old belt that is too small for me now. Just look in your closet. You can always cut it down smaller lengthwise and poke new holes with an awl through the belt. The buckle is easy to use and never slips out unlike a badly tied knot.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.


The simplest method is simply to tie cords through the plates and hook the cords on the hanger hook. With this method, the plates hang vertically.

Possibly the best way is to make a plate rack out of PVC pipe with a cap glued on the end. Then just drill a hole in the shank of the rack for the hook. You then stack the plates on horizontally which helps if you have a problem with the weights hitting the floor.


Thanks Bib,

That’s what I’ll do.

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