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Weird problem

Weird problem

Hey guys! I’ve been doing some serious hanging for the past few days. I see a good 1/2 cm increase in flaccid length but then it doesn’t reflect in the EL. Also my BPFSL has increased but my BPEL is the same. Any thoughts on what is happening.


Sounds normal. Don’t expect changes in only a few days. Think in terms of months.

I don’t know shit about these hanging things, but the general consensus around the hood here is that rest and patience rain supreme in the cock enlarging game!

Now anyone was gonna post a thread to ask but kind of a waste; how do I get a picture under my name too? I have tried in the user settings but I can’t uncheck the little box. And how do I post in the “big boys” forum?

It could be your web browser causing the can’t uncheck little box problem you are having. Mozilla or firefox works for me in Windows. You have most of the idea correct for setting up a avatar, go to user settings, then the avatar link or something like that and edit that web page. You need to upload a nicely sized image (100x100 pixels size max limit to image size) off of your harddrive to this web server at Thunder’s Place and then everything should be cool for you. You could also link to a URL containing the image on the web already if you are sure the size is ok and you know the image won’t be taken off the remote web server anytime soon.

Also know that to post in the “big boys” forum you are going to need to have a certain number of posts to post there. It looks like you have just enough posts I believe?

This information should help you. Welcome to Thunder’s and remember to believe in what you are doing truly and alaways do as you PE. The mind plays a powerful part in achieving your gains as long as you control it…

Ah hey I get some input from the grandmaster it seems!! Hey thunder.

Yeah love machine I got mozilla and it wouldn’t uncheck, but I suppose thunder just answered my question. Cheers

Guys! What happened to my problem? LOL. You hijacked this post.

I’ve been at PE for sometime now. Saw good results. I guess I got a bit frustrated and posted this thread. Any help is still welcome


Hey godofdeviltry.

If I recall, your uncut right? What type of hanging do you use? Is it self-made?

Smokey! Yes I’m uncut. I have a home made hanger. Basic 2 inch long, 1.5 wide soft PVC tubing. It is cut vertically and a metal clamp to tighten after I’ve wrapped in on my dick. I must say that I don’t use it often . I use a small bag which can hold stuff like water bottles, small heavy things etc. This bag is then tied to a normal shoe lace(found on formal shoes). Next step is to use thick wrap on my dick( mostly a handkerchief) folded at inch width. I then Wrap the shoe lace twice over my dick and suspend the weights.

Man, you need a better hanger. There are plenty of hangers available to buy or build, just do a search. But for now you should stick with the newbie routine and perhaps by the time your are conditioned enough to hang an even better hanger will be available.

Welcome to the forum

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No Nukes

Big ! Thanks. I’m not new to PE. Just new to this forum. I’ve been at PE for more than 12 months

If you are conditioned enough to hang, you might look into a redi-stretcher. If you are on a budget you can make a homemade Bib, or a Wench. Monkeybar has a very good extender device and a new ADS. Also Monty’s pe weights are an excellent ADS. Keep your dick extended between hang sets with the ADS of your choice, but I highly recommend a good ADS with any hanging routine. Hanging heavy weights then leaving your dick to turtle up to heal will make the tissue even tougher to stretch, and may actually cause you to lose length. We are currently discussing making an even better device, although it is still at the discussion stage and may be a while, but by the sound of what you are using almost anything would be better. What ever you do, if you decide to spend money on a device, spend it on devices developed here within this community. We actually know more about this stuff than anyone in the outside world.

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

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Thanks Girtha! I’d love to buy a device that would help me gain length. Right now, after I’m done with my hang sets, I’m using a 3” PVC tubing cut vertically from top to bottom. I place my flaccid dick in the PVC tubing and wrap it around my dick like id wrap cloth and clamp it. This allows me to keep my dick in extended position with constricting the blood flow and I can Pee easily. I keep it on for an hour or so after my hang sets. I’m not sure if I should keep it on longer.

Sure enough you guys let us all know when you have a new device.


Fuck man who made your hanger? McGyver?

LOL yes My hanger sounds crude but it’s the best I’ve tried. I guess hanging should be comfortable. Mine certainly puts me in the comfort zone. Like I’ve said before I have normal hanger, more or less like the Bib hanger. I just don’t use it .


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