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Weird problem, please help

Weird problem, please help


Although this may seem to go in the injuries/treatments part of the forum, I thought i was gonna give it a try here since I don’t
know whether this is something serious or not. besides, this part of forum is the busiest one so I guess I’ll have more chance of someone
responding to it.

I started coming here about a year ago. I became very interested in PE stuff, but due to my other things in life + sometimes lazyness
I only PE-d for a short period of time. Now that I have more time i came here again, read few posts and decided to start it again, but this time with devoiton. I though I’d start from monday (tomorrow) with a real program, so yesterday evening I just tried doing stuff for a bit to get me warmed up for monday.

Sorry for this intro

Anyway, yeaterday evening I did some basic manual strecthes ( 10 30 second ones in every direction) and after that I did some dry jelqing, maybe 10 repetitions only. Now, after that I made a big mistake. Since I broke up with me gf some time ago, lack of sex life makes your penis very
sensitive when you “play with it”. After my session i got an erection and, stupid me, I masturbated.
I went in the shower and when I came back, my flacid penis looked somewhat bigger than before (usually it would shrink pretty fast after sex/masturbation)

I sat on my couch and about an hour later, when getting up going to bed i noticed it was a bit heavy. I looked at it and I was in shock. Something happned and it got very thick. OK, very thick by my standards, since I’m only 5.5” x 4.5” NBPEL. The penis felt like it was swallen and when i touched it was really weird. I also had a problem pulling my skin down over head ( I’m not circumcised). I didn’t give me any pain, but it felt like I had another layer of skin (awful). The width of the flacid penis (only 3” in length) wasn’t also the same in all parts. First inch it was ok, but second 2 inches including the head was really bigger than before. the flacid girth was 5” on that part of penis. ( as i said, my best was 4.5” before with full erection).
I got very worried and I couldn’t sleep. I put a wet peace of cloth on it for 5 minutes hoping it would help. Afer that i went to bed (couldn’t really sleep) and when i woke up in the morining the “swelling” was not big as before but it still is tere. The girth was around 4.6”.

BAsically I don’t know what to do. Should I strecth my peniis for a few days hoping I’ll get back to where i was? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not happy with my penis size But I’d rather stay at original size than have this ugly thing. I didn’t try to get erection yet so I don’t know what will happen when I do.
To help you understand more about my condition, lets say my penis looks like the penis of people who go on surgery where they put fat in their penises.Basically, it looks ugly, feels very weird when i touch it. The head of the penis is the same as before, not any weird colors or stuff like that. The color of the skin is also the same, and I don’t feel any pain.

Will this thing go away? Should I go see a doctor? (super embarrasing) Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I magically gained anything, I’m worried I messed something up.
Any help will be very appreciated.

P.S. Sorry for the long post

i' d really like to add some....

Hate to say it dude, but it sounds like you basically got a real good pump from dry jelqs and your penis is adapting to the demands you’ve been placing on it. I’d say stretching and wet jelqing (particularly Sadsak slinky’s and any other jelq/stretch that deviate the angle of your penis in relation to your body) will probably help to get an equal circumference throughout the length of your shaft.

All in all, however, your penis will react to PE in various ways, this sounds like a fairly natural occurence, save for the unusual increase in girth and change in shape. I can honestly say I wish my cock would react to a few good dry jelqs like that! Maybe somebody with more experience in reshaping their erection will respond.

Thanks for reply.

I tried to get an erection today for 1st time since it happened. It felt weird and it was really hard for me to do it, but when i managed, it was really hard. My total Erect girth was 5” compared to previous 4.5” EG. The lenght seemed a bit shorter but when I put ruler against it it showed my usual 5.5, even a bit more. The full erect penis did not look bad at all. It looked like my “old” one but it felt differently, like i was holding my penis through something, like it wasn’t my penis.

About you saying my penis reaction to jelq. Yeah, you maybe are right, because about a year ago when I first started PE( only lasted for a week) I did only manual stretches (15 repetitions + warm up before that) and I got some .5” lenght increase in a week. Of course, this could have been only reaction to new circumstances, I stopped then, don’t know what would have happened If I had continued.

Anyway, I’ll think I’ll do stretching only for the next 4 weeks and see if i can “repair” the situation.

If anyone else has this problem, pls share your experience

i' d really like to add some....

My penis is bigger, help me. ??? WTF!

"Crazy dancin! Making my penis sore!"

- Dave Chapelle

Man, If you think I came here to provoke or smth you’re wrong. I know how some things in life work, and I know that things you want bad you really have to work hard for. It takes time to try to do what people here are trying to accomplish and I don’t belive I gained that much from 1 small workout. I got worried that I messed things up and hurt myself. If I was certain I gained and didn’t hurt myself, I’d be the happiest guy here, but unfofrtunately I don’t think it’s the case here.

I read many posts here and I didn’t see many similar problems from people who have gained. I’m thinking of going to the doctor tomorrow but I am really embarrased to do so. If the gaining proces is similar to mine, I am sorry to say, but I don’t want a bigger penis like that.

i' d really like to add some....

You just got a good after workout pump. Your dick won’t reshape into that, if you keep doing this routine everyday you will probably gain in girth but more evenly spread. You didn’t gain from 1 workout but you can see it as a temperal gain which you have to cement by staying on this routine for a month. Don’t tell me you don’t want your new 5” girth to stay. PE works and sometimes you get freebies, COLLECT them!

I remember when I first started PE’ing and got a good pump. I was so excited, when I would hold my dick it felt like it was fat and spongy. I knew good things were happening! It was a surreal feeling, and to me a very encouraging thing to be happening.

thanks guys.

i' d really like to add some....

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Hi HighHopes,

Welcome to Thunder’s!! Enjoy the temporary gains.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


It probably looked all lumpy and stuff ‘cause you jacked off right afterwards and put your cock in shock or something. I wouldn’t worry too much. Oh, and don’t bother going to a doctor because most likely the doctor won’t be able to tell you shit and then he’ll just take your money.

If there’s no pain or numbness, then you’re alright. Having a prolonged pump after a workout is a good thing…. just keep it up and things will even out.

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