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Uncircumcised and wondering how to hang..

Uncircumcised and wondering how to hang..

Hi i’m uncircumcised, just wondering how i should hang. Should i pull the foreskin back, or leave it be? And to some of the uncircumcised men have you had any trouble hanging with foreskin or has it been beneficial?

Comments, questions, flames welcomed

uncircumcised and hanging


There is a ton of info on this subject in the hanger’s forum. Also run a search using these two words as the subject reference.


I’m uncut and after two and three quarters years I have had to give up hanging.

Don’t be discourgaged but do the best you can. Other uncuts who are luckier than me
have had less problems, but I have yet to see an uncut not have bad problems with
foreskin swelling. I get huge knots and I cannot hang any more.

Do NOT retract the foreskin, or you wil experience excruciating pain and you can become

Leave skin down over glans and wrap as per Bib’s excellent instructions.

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