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Uncircumcised Jelqing help special case

Uncircumcised Jelqing help special case

Hi I’m 19 and I just started PE today. I am uncircumcised and I didn’t really know this until about 2 months ago. Basically all my life, my foreskin was intact and I never knew about pulling back. Now my question is, when jelqing do I just do it normally or do I have to get cut or pull back in order to jelq. The thing is I’m still in the recovery phase of stretching my foreskin (so I can fully retract my foreskin to see my glans. Currently I cannot retract all the way down and sometimes the foreskin gets stuck) and I was wondering if its still ok to just leave my foreskin in place and just jelq normally.


It sounds more like phimosis than just being uncut. I would suggest you do dry jelqs instead than wet jelqs, but learn the technique carefully and do less of them - about 1/3 of the number written for wet jelqs. Focus on learning the correct technique at first.

I’m uncut and having gone through this (although at considerably earlier age) I may give you some hints, what naturally happens is at around puberty your foreskin should start moving (assisted or not) back and forth, if it doesn’t occur naturally (like it sometimes doesn’t) you’ll have to stretch it and slowly start making it more loose to get it to go all the way back (retracted state). For me this took several months of stretching but I was very much younger (and my dick was smaller, obviously) so as a nearly to fully grown adult you may find it tougher as it may be even less elastic than as a younger person.

The two options I would recommend for you are stretching it slowly, or if that doesn’t work, a surgical operation (circumcision, maybe not fully but enough to let your foreskin retract)

Now as to the jelqing, my foreskin just simply retracts and goes back up as I do jelqing but as a newbie you might not want to do jelqing with high erection state anyway so you may not need to be able to retract the foreskin, and the jelqs would still be fine (although if it’s really tight and doesn’t allow the expansion of the glans then you wouldn’t gain much, except it could stretch it out and help you that way)

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