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Help pumping uncircumcised penis

Help pumping uncircumcised penis

I was wondering if any for you guys are uncircumcised and using pump.

I just bought one, and I want to know if it can harm my foreskin.

First I will move this in the pumper forum. Second I am uncircumcised and don’t have any problems with pumping at all!

All you need to know is here: Vacuum Pumping 101

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Hopefully you have one with a gauge on it so you do not operate in such a high vacuum/amount of time, as to cause damage. There is a Pumpers forum so can look through it for more information. I find it useful to retract the skin during a pumping session. Be very careful not to over do vacuum amount and or time of a session, even number of sessions in a 24 hour period.

I am also uncircumcised and have no problem with pumping. However, you do need to be careful on pressure and duration. Too much pressure will cause “donut” effect and swell up your foreskin. It won’t cause any damage, but certainly not feels good.

*** Read the warnings and be aware of the risk of PE before starting ***

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I too am uncumcised, I retract my foreskin every time I pump. If I pump sensibly it ensures that I do not get donut build up. I keep my sets to 30min and within reasonable pumping pressure; I am ok.

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