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Two questions I really need clearing up

Two questions I really need clearing up

Two quick questions I keep reading different answers to..

1. Is the dorsal nerve on the topside or underside of the penis, and does it go right from base to glans? (I’ve seen two different anatomy pictures which show it at the topside and underside!)

2. Can jelqing increase length, or is it just girth?

Perfect, thanks!

Clearing up you ur questions


The dorsal nerve is on the top of the penis.

Jelqing does wonders for girth, but also slightly increases your length.

1. Top

2. Depends on erection level, speed of jelq, etc

Faster, lower erection level jelqs target length whereas slower, high erection level jelqs target girth. I gained more than 1.5 inches from jelqs alone, so if someone tells you jelqs are a girth exerecise only, don’t believe hem!

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