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Trigger point therapist in NY?

Trigger point therapist in NY?

Hi I’m new to this forum and not entirely sure if I’m allowed to ask this question, so if I’m not please let me know. I have a mild hard flaccid, it comes and goes. It does not prevent me from getting or keeping an erection, but it does make jelqing extremely difficult because its almost impossible for me to keep penis in soft spongy state when I jelq, and I’m jelqing mildly.

I would like to know if anyone can recommend a trigger point therapist in NYC that is familiar with hard flaccid. Its an embarrassing thing to talk about with a physical therapist and I’m sure it will be even more embarrassing if the physical therapist has not heard of the phenomenon before. Also, besides from my attempt to reduce the humiliation, I would like to go to a physical therapist that has successfully helped others cure their condition. Thank you so much for any help.

What is trigger point? It is just a mode of massage is it not?

Yes it is a form of massage that supposedly has helped many cure their hard flaccid. I am not sure if it is possible to perform it on oneself. Based on my understanding, those who have been helped by this method were treated by a professional massage therapist that specializes in trigger point. I was wondering if anybody knew such a person in NYC.

If you put ‘Trigger point hard flaccid’ in Google there is a lot of info. You can easily treat yourself. Just remember the rules of trigger point therapy:

1. apply and release pressure gradually.
2. as you slowly press in, feel for the point where the tissues start fighting you back. That is the level of pressure you stop at. Maintain that pressure.
3. relax into the pressure. As you feel relaxation taking place (may take 30 seconds, may take quite a bit longer), slowly and gradually release the pressure at the same rate the relaxation is happening.
4. repeat the pressure after 10 seconds of rest. Normally don’t repeat more than 3 times in one session.

There is no need to massage in circles or anything similar, although briefly doing so may help you feel where the tension is. After that it’s better just to press on the area and relax into the pressure.

Focus on the Perineum (the area between your anus and testicles). Look for areas that feel more tense than the surrounding tissue.

Start with one session a day or even one session every other day.

Please report back with your progress. Thanks.

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