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The big guys and point of attachment

The big guys and point of attachment

Sorry if this has been brought up before, but I couldn´t find anything about this phenomena on these boards. Ok, here we go:

Lately I´ve been studying some big cocks on the net (blacks-on-blondes-type sites, yahoo-clubs, stuff like that) and I noticed something that most of these well equipped gentlemen seem to have in common: Low point of attachment.

What that means is that these guys have penises that attaches (appearance might be a better word for this) to their bodies way low on the abs, almost between the legs instead of on the lower abs. It´s hard to describe without drawing a picture, but I hope you understand what I´m trying to explain. It´s like the distance from the penis root to the anus is very short, due to their low attachment point on the lower abs.

Has anyone else noticed this and if so, do you think we can learn something from it? Is low attachment point an effect of having longer or looser ligs than the normal man?

Any input appreciated,

There are a couple of threads that spring to mind:
exit point and gain potential and exit points in relation to BTC hanging. The hangers are canny fellows.

There’s plenty of room for discussion though.

A lot of BTC hangers seem to lower the exit angle but because of girth increases the penis seems to not hang quite naturaly. I wonder if years after PE this normalises.

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I hope that I am not being too rude when I suggest that I saw this in p9’s pictures.

I am building a weapon of ass destruction!


You’re not rude. You’re just that guy in your picture.

Also, in allot of blowjob pictures the girl is lowering the penis to make it look bigger


big thanks for the links. I knew I had seen this topic somewhere before but I couldn´t find it when I did a search. I had the phrase “exit point” burried somewhere deep in my memory, but I used “point of attachment” and a few other criterias instead and came up with nothing.

Thanks again,

Great thread

Great thread and great link to the past threads on this subject. This is some good shit and very helpful to get guys motivated to hang again (or for the first time).



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