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Does anyone know where I can get a look at what thrombosis looks like I’ve read the descriptions in the injurys/treatments section but there doesnt seem to be any pictures about the place.

Hi tipi and welcome to Thundersplace,

Sorry for not being able to help you with this since I’m not really aware of that topic. But hope the search button will help you to figure out.



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Welcome to the forum, tipi.

Start reading to answer your won questions. The search button will be a good assistance for you.

tipi is correct. I know how to use the Search machine and so far as I can find, there is not a single, verifiable pic of a thrombosed vein/artery in the entire archive of Thunders. If you know of one, post a link here in this thread.

Nor have I been able to find a pic on the net.

Penile thrombosis is a very rare condition with relatively few cases reported in medical literature. It most often occurs following a surgical proceedure on the penis. Most instances of it are deep tissue, not surface.

Because this word “thombosis” (a rare condiiton) is so often batted around here at Thunder’s, is frightening to many and puzzling as well, let’s not assume that every vein/artery change - very common in PE - is a “thrombosed” condition. Maybe we should even ban that word?? :)

There is a condition, also not usual, called Mondor’s Disease wherein there will appear in induration (sort of a persistant swelling or hardening) of a vessel in the penis, usually 2 to 5 cm long. It almost always resolves itself or remains as a painless raised area and only very rarely does it need to be treated surgically.

In most cases what you guys (and I on my own unit) are seeing are very prominent and _very_ blood-filled veins or arteries as the penis swells during stimulation. This is a totally harmless event, maybe even a healthy one. [More blood=healthier erections?]

If you have pain, angry inflammation and heat at the site, then you worry. But a “guitar string” vessel is a nothing except that it might give your partner a new and novel area to make friction against during sex.

Let’s not say “THROMBOSED” any more unless there is pain, inflammation, and heat. And if you have all that, odds highly against it, you go to your doctor and get it checked out; you don’t self-prescribe aspirin and various unguants, hoping for the best.



thanks for the above post but now I am even more confused. I recently did something while jelqing which resulted in a slightly painful bump on my penis. Leading up to it is a guitar string just like many describe here on this site.

I have laid off my PE routine for about 2 weeks and it seems things are returning to normal and the inflamed tissue is almost gone. What I saw was an area about 3/8” of an inch across that was raised slightly and in the beginning stung at first when I was jelqing.

What would you call this if it is not thrombosed? Just an inflamed vein?


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