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Thrombosis - Ice / Amino acid

Thrombosis - Ice / Amino acid

I was wondering if anyone uses ice to treat thrombosed veins and what effect does this have? I used it today while treating another injury and it seemed to help. Well the vein decreased in size. Don’t know if this was just because the cold reduced the size of the penis in general. What do you guys think.

Also do you think ice would help after a PE workout instead of heat at the end. Could this somehow reduce injuries. Perhaps I should post this one in the main forum.

Also I hear L argeninine (amino acid) helps for thrombosis. I’ve read this on a few posts and on a couple of websites but there’s no description of its success or how it works.

Hope you can give me some info.

If you don’t overdo your exercises you shouldn’t need either heat or cold to treat anything.

Thrombosed penile veins are fairly rare medical events from what I read about them. Just because a vein or artery becomes more prominent after stimulation, I don’t think you should rush to the judgement that you’ve damaged it. In your case, when the erection you had to whatever degree subsided, the vein dropped back to normal size; cold just hastened the process.

I think in general a brief post-workout warm wrap will do more to hold some engorgement than ice would. Anything cold on my cock gets a negative reaction.



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