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Thrombosis or what?

Thrombosis or what?

Well I have seen a lot of examples about thrombosis, but mine doesn´t qualify to be one of them. I had this intense-purple vein about 4 months ago, so I give up PE, but it´s still there… I want to know if it´s only great circulation, but anyway I don´t like the look.

Besides I have a vein that seems to be curved like a little O near the ridge. I think that could be a thrombosis but not sure, well I attached a picture so you can see what I have, any suggestions appreciated. I´d try to go to a urologist but I haven´t had time, I´m taking final exams.


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Does the vein feel hard like a rubber band?

It doesn´t feel so hard. I don´t feel pain touching it, even pressing it further. Anti-inflamatory creams do something? Advices please?


PS: What about green veins in the scrotum? Anybody with something like that?

If you can’t feel it when flaccid, chances are it isn’t thrombosed. I’ve seen pictures of non-PE’d erect penises having dark veins like yours. It’s probably nothing to worry about.

Try warming up well, followed with a few minutes of easy jelqing. See what happens.

I also have a vein like your top one. Right under my glans and way bigger than it should be, but it’s soft so I don’t worry about it.

My guess is that you’ve just developed good circulation. When I had a vein thrombose it felt like a hard uncooked grain of rice or hard pellet of some kind. If your vein feels hard and solid when flaccid, take a break and take aspirin or another inflammatory and do lots of hot-wraps.


Well I checked it on flaccid, but it´s not like a thrombosed one, but it´s still purple. The big one down is more noticeable when flaccid than erect.

I´m warming up 3 times a day to see what happens, anyway I´m going to a physician.

And what about the veins in the scrotum? Yep, it´s good circulation, but haven´t you thought about an abrupt vein that cannot handle enough blood and expand itself in order to retain the blood your unit is sending.


It doesn’t look like it’s just good circulation to me. If the circulation is good, shouldn’t the vein be the same size all the way down the shaft? As far as I can see on the pic, it isn’t. Maybe it’s sort of like the veins in the scrotum you write about. If it isn’t hard, then it’s probably not a thrombosed vein. But it doesn’t look normal either. What do the doctors in this forum think?

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