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Dangers of Thrombosis

Dangers of Thrombosis

I’m posting this in genral PE, at penismith’s request, so that everybody can see it. It appeared in an injury thread started by penismith (Multi-clamp numbness!), and my intent is not to alarm anybody but to alert them on the possible dangers of thrombosis (more common with extreme PE).


Unhealead wounds
In the 17th and 18th centuries infection was thought to be caused by bad air. Open wounds were prone to infection and blood poisoning, often leading to gangrene. One surgeon, Joseph Lister, explored ideas in the mid 1860s that it wasn’t bad air but germs that caused infection. By using a primitive form of antiseptic and insisting on cleanliness, cases of gangrene dramatically reduced.

What is gangrene?
Gangrene is the death of body tissue in a localized area.

It’s not green – the skin turns black and oozes pus in parts of the body that are affected. We commonly think of gangrene as occurring in an arm or a leg, but wherever there’s body tissue gangrene can set in. The fingers and toes are the most common parts of the body to be affected, although internal body tissue can also turn gangrenous.

Types of gangrene
Gangrene can be dry or moist.

Disturbance of the blood supply to body tissue causes dry gangrene. A poor blood supply or no blood supply altogether leads to tissue death. Injury is a common reason for dry gangrene.
Toxin-producing bacteria destroying body tissue is called moist gangrene. The clostridium bacteria can produce lethal toxins in a wound - this is known as gas gangrene. The skin looks as if it has bubbles of gas beneath it. With this type, pus and infection spreads rapidly.

Common Causes
Injury blocking or destroying the blood supply to body tissue can result in gangrene.

Diabetes, smoking, thrombosis, frostbite and severe burns also disrupt the blood supply. Drinking excess alcohol damages blood vessels.

Old age is another possible factor. People at a risk of developing gangrene should exercise their fingers and toes regularly and wear well-fitting shoes. One of the key points of management is to ensure scrupulous foot care, including nail-cutting by a chiropodist.

Restoring the blood supply is vital with dry gangrene. Prescribing anticoagulants prevents the blood from clotting and taking antibiotics will thwart moist gangrene infection.

Patients have to rest and are prescribed pain relievers. As Joseph Lister proved, it’s especially important to keep wounds clean. Previous generations used maggots, nowadays we’ve swapped them for antiseptic dressings.

Providing it’s diagnosed early and treated swiftly most people make a full recovery without the need for amputation. As always, prevention is better than a cure. Keep wounds clean and sterile to prevent gangrene setting in.

Dead body tissue must be removed so as not to infect tissue in surrounding areas. This can result in gangrenous fingers or toes needing to be amputated. In extreme cases, where gangrene has spread and not responded to other treatments, amputation of the limb is necessary. Gas gangrene is the most dangerous form of gangrene and has to be treated quickly.”

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What are the first signs of gangrene?

I thought gangrene occurred in open wounds…I stand corrected.

When I experienced a persistent penile thrombosis a year ago (not from PE), I grew panicked that it could lead eventually to gangrene. The urologist, however, assured me that superficial thromboses could never cause that kind of problem in the extremely vascular tissue of the penis. He said that even if the vessel were tied off permanently, recanalization would occur without incident.

In any case, it’s always good to be conservative about injuries, and I would certainly recommend taking several weeks off to see if a thrombosis can resolve itself. Even if gangrene isn’t a likely (or possible, if we believe my urologist) consequence, many guys report recurrent pain and inflammation with their thromboses. Mine, fortunately, is still utterly benign.

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Do you have a thrombosed vein that won’t go away?

Yes, sorry if I was unclear. I have what seems to be a permanently thrombosed vein. I first noticed it after sex that lasted way too long without an erection break. The doc said that penile thromboses are not a serious problem, and that the penis would fix itself over time, whether or not the thrombosis dissolved. I took weeks off from sex and masturbation after that, but it didn’t clear up at all.

I would think that the vein would have been re-absorbed by now if in fact it were thrombosed, so perhaps the hardness I can still feel is just a normal part of my anatomy. Who knows.

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Re: Dangers of Thrombosis

Originally posted by wadzilla

Gangrene can be dry or moist.

I’m trying to fucking eat here! %-\

I agree with stud. I’d say that really the only way you can cause gangrene to your dick is to clamp all the circulation for too long.

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>>the only way you can cause gangrene to your dick is to clamp all the circulation for too long<<

Anybody ever fallen asleep with a hanger clamped on? …Shit.

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So WaxN, you truly against hardcore PEing, now?

Thanks for the info helluvastud.

Good to know what your doctor said too, I was starting to get worried about gangrene because I have some sort of bump on my penis which won’t go away. I have absolutely no idea what it is. It came during the summer and is still here. I took atleast one month of a while ago and it didn’t go away.

Just wondering what your thrombosed vein is like. Mine is a tiny little hard thing under the skin. Sometimes it feels like a tiny vein, sometimes it feels like a little bump. The actual hard part isn’t that big, but there is some mild discolouration around it, maybe half the size of a dime.

Anyway, the bump doesn’t really bother me at all, just the fact that it causes this discolouration. After restarting PEing it doesn’t seem to have gotten any worse, so I guess that is a good sign.

Hey Mick,

Sometimes penile thromboses take up to 8 or 10 weeks to dissolve, so if that thing gives you any problems (i.e., pain), you might have to take more time off than you did before. I know it can be frustrating.

Also, it still might be worth getting the bump looked at by a doc at some point — especially if you’re there anyway for a regular checkup. Although it sounds like a thrombosis, only a doctor would know for sure.

My own “thrombosis” (doctor wasn’t certain that it wasn’t a normal part of my anatomy that I hadn’t noticed before) was/is one of those long, guitar-stringy things I could feel on the top of my penis.

Safe PEing to you!

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