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I have great news (thrombosis)

I have great news (thrombosis)

Right after I said I was going to walmart in my previous post I went to take a shower. When I got in there the thrombosis (if thats what it was,) was completely gone. I don’t know what made it heal so quickly. It went from a series of lumps along a vein to being completely smooth. One of the lumps was the size of a bb. I’m assuming there are different factors in the healing. I’m a bartender so I’m sure the occasional shot here and there may have thinned my blood. Also, right before I had written the last post I had just gotten back from the gym and had a TOUGH work out that really had my heart rate going too. I would massage while watching t.v., probably no more than 3 hours a day. The next day I was strutting around fantasizing about my new starter that is going to make my meat longer…then I felt the lumps had come back…in the same place….the concentration of blood, or bigger lumps accured right where the vein forks. I pulled on the head of the shaft to thin out the penis and get a better feel on the them and lightly rubbed the area…from the single part of the vein sliding torward the fork,…I rubbed it maybe twice, and the lumps were gone. I think I stretched the vein during manual stretching and made it suseptable <~~~can’t spell, to blood clots. Time will tell I guess. I went and bought the flush free niacin at walmart anyways for the future. You guys are awesome and thanks for all your help.

Hoping and Praying

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I’m experiencing something similar. I have an almost BB-sized hard bump in a small vein near the base. There is another, barely noticeable bump in a nearby vein.

Using a cock ring, pumping or a tourniquet grip makes it enlarge and harden. Apparently the backpressure from the constriction causes the vein to bulge. Then blood pools and coagulates.

The bump softens and shrinks over several days. I can’t tell if it completely disappears because the vein moves around and can be difficult to locate. This is completely different than the thrombosed vein I had many months ago, which was hard like a rubber band or guitar string and didn’t have a bump. I think my current problem is an aneurism. If I lay off it, will the weak spot heal and strengthen, or is this likely to be a permanent problem?

New to this

Well I can’t say for sure, my vein felt hard too like a guitar string for a small lenth, but it came in a series of lumps. I totally laid off the P.E. for a bout a week I think. If I had an erection, I would lightly rub the vein. When I was soft and had a difficult time locating the injured vein I would gently take the head of my penis and stretch it out thinning out the penis so that locating the vein was easier. Like I said I’m new to this, but my advice would be to totally lay off the P.E. for at least two weeks. Take warm baths while massaging, hot wraps, the whole nine yards. I can feel the vein that was injured because its a little sore (which is strange cause it only felt sore after the lumps had gone away.) I won’t P.E. till if feels like nothing ever happened. In my mind it is better to error on the side of caution.

Take it easy on your penis and good luck

Hoping and Praying

How big is the vein containing your bump(s)? Mine is relatively small, maybe 1.5 to 2 mm. It looks like a garter snake swallowed a golf ball.

I took a few days off, the bump went down, and I resumed manual stretching. The vein has a lot of slack, so stretching doesn’t bother it. I’m ohhh, sooo close to reaching 7” BP, so I plan to press on. I’ve been eyeing the 7” mark on the ruler for 14 months, and I’m finally about to reach it. Once it’s there and cemented (probably by March), I may take another extended break before attempting to break out of my girth plateau.

Yesterday I did a few minutes of erect bending with pressure from the tourniquet grip focused mainly on the sides, and this didn’t raise the bump much. But a cock ring, edge of the pump tube or anything that restricts the outflow of blood in the vein causes the bump to enlarge and harden. It’s always in the same place. My earlier thrombosed vein stung at first and even caused some skin swelling above it. This “bump” is completely painless.

I’m not a doctor, but I think it’s an aneurism.

Ugh, I’m playing tag with one of these again too. I had one a couple months back and, like Praying experienced, one day it just disappeared. Massage and exercise I think were key in it’s recovery.

I believe manual stretching is what weakens the vein and opens the door for thrombosis.

Seems not a lot one can do about these. Standard treatment is heat, simple analgesia, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). I think, like Praying did, massage is also very helpful.

Here’s some links I found useful:

Superficial venous thrombosis

Lump & thrombosis in penis
A more thorough description.


Now, every time I stretch I go straight for that vein that I had trouble with. Once I’ve felt a little hardness to it and thought that maybe it was trying to come back…so right after each set I get right on with massaging the vein. So far I haven’t had any more trouble. Also, I think the reason that manual stretching can be so risky is because of the grip you have on your penis. A man made stretcher tries to emphasise the “grip” at certain points on the penis….usually equal on each side, or equal on all sides. When stretching manually, you actually get the most leverage on the end of your fingers, not to mention how hard it would be to make your grip in to a perfect circle….so I think your penis has areas that are more stressed than others directly under your grip…A vein could be being stretched, then wrenched the hell out of as it goes around to different parts of the grip.

Just a thought…

Hoping and Praying

Well I got a small lump on the underside of my penis, a little more than half way down my shaft. I noticed it yesterday. I was wondering if you guys:
or anyone else has any updated info on what the heck it is and how to get rid of it..

thx n2

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OK, guys. A thrombosed vein is a bit like (a lot like?) a varicose vein. It’s rooted, stuffed. May heal over a period of time or may be so damaged it shuts down and gets reabsorbed, or whatever the body does. Generally there’s not great problem with this as the body finds and enlarges alternate routes over time. The early stages of this sound like what you’re talking about…where the valve in the vein gets inverted. Sometimes a bit of gentle massage or hard squeezing in the right direction will fix this but be warned-it may be a sign that the vein is expanding beyond the effective diameter necessary for the valve to function.

what happens if it expands too much?

Hoping and Praying

Yes please let us know what can happen. I think I have this too. I stopped pe for over a week now,but the knots are still there. Massaging and heat, massage is doing no good.

Beggining 12-12-05 bpel 5 5/8 eg 4 7/8

Now 1-09-06 bpel 5 7/8 eg 5.5

I took niacin and massaged in a warm bath, I tried to influence not force the knots out

Hoping and Praying

Is it helping?

Beggining 12-12-05 bpel 5 5/8 eg 4 7/8

Now 1-09-06 bpel 5 7/8 eg 5.5

I am SO sorry I didn’t reply to this a long time ago.

Because the veins are ‘outgoing’ it shouldn’t hurt your erections (The direction of jelqing is against the direction of blood leaving the penis) I had one that used to keep recurring but I could ‘pop’ it back and it would disappear. Finally I overdid it (using cable clamps. I don’t bother with them anymore as I’ve found jelqing with attention paid to technique is working well: I don’t put pressure on the urethra and, when I’m warmed up I jelq at close to full erection, angling the movement to increase the pressure on the tunica…not for beginners!!!) so much the valve ruptured or something and I had a hard knot I couldn’t get rid of no matter how hard I squeezed it. Hurt a bit during jelqing. I took a 2 week break and it got smaller (the hard bump), resumed jelqing alone and it eventually disappeared.


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