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Things That Irk Me About Thunders


Things That Irk Me About Thunders

Okay, I’m going to try to make this brief. I’ve been lurking around thunders for nearly 9 months now and I just want to post a few observations that I have no doubt, many of us have already noticed ourselves. I’m not here to kill anyone’s motivation, but I only hope to get others thoughts, opinions, rebuttals, ..

1) Why do nearly all sets of before/after pictures posted in the progress/pics section seem questionable. Don’t misinterpret, there are definitely people there who have made gains, but the majority of the pictures (even those of some gainers) seem to be inconsistently measured. Many have a person measuring at what clearly looks like subpar EQ (not a faulty starting point), but then remeasuring again in a different way that is obviously advantageous to their size. Some are measured NBPEL and then BPEL, some unshaved (so we can’t determine the starting point) then shaved, one measurement, a guy is shown from the side normal before, but then shown from the side again, but he is wearing a rubber cock ring to trap in blood. And I’ve worn a cock ring before and know it can give you an additional .25 to .5 inches in length and additional girth.

2) Why aren’t there more before/after pictures. Based on the database analysis thread I’ve seen posted by several people, there have literally been 100s of people with legitimate gains (0.5” or more). So out of the 100s, maybe even 1000s of gainers around here, only a handful of these people have posted decent before/after pictures.

3) Why do people always seem to start progress threads after they’ve gained the majority of their purported size. I’ve seen so many threads where guys are like I started at 6.25”, but now I’m back starting at 7.5” and just want to see what I can get. Am I the only one who feels like that seems very questionable. I understand that people have no reason to lie (I think) but it would help many of us beginners if more people would post before/after pictures. Look at, almost everyone there posts a before/after picture. Why are people here so reluctant to do so. I guarantee if more people did PE’s credibility would skyrocket. I myself have only gained 1/4” in length in a over 3 months, but don’t think those are legitimate enough to post yet, I’m waiting for greater gains. But, if they come, I guarantee I will post consistently measured before/after pictures.

4) Why are people so offended when you question the credibility of PE. It really “grinds my gears” when people get on their high horse about PE as if they’ve proved some doctoral thesis about the validity of PE. PE is barely legitimate enough to call itself a quasi-science, since most of the greatest gainers in the community don’t even have pictures (BIB, DLD, .) charting their progression. Why the hell would anyone take their word as gospel? I’m not a religious person, so faith-based credibility doesn’t hold much weight with me. Why can’t people just accept that at the end of the day we’re all here hoping for the miracle that we might be able to outwork and outwit our genetics. Gain on!

Yea, I know it wasn’t brief, but I just wanted to rant and vent a bit about some of the things that annoy me most about thunders. If you’ve read this far. Thanks. Please feel free to comment. How do you feel? Agree. Disagree. Both.

I don’t think a picture would convince you. I agree they aren’t very convincing. It’s a very hard thing to make a convincing pic of, I think. Certainly if you have the tiniest sceptical bone in your body, you come up with this, to quote you, “many have a person measuring at what clearly looks like subpar EQ”. I agree a lot look like that. One thing in defense of that is PE makes your dick more veiny looking generally and what looks like a low EQ might not be that bad but when you compare it to a veiny pic from a few months later it looks bad. I do think that you could fake pics yourself easily by faking the before pic.

What’s the answer? Video? Probably a lot of the same problems. Independent measuring would help.

I haven’t noticed your point 3 :) I guess maybe there’s an element of not knowing about progress threads (hopefully something the public progress forum will correct). Some people probably start them to boast and you can’t boast without gains.

Re 4), not offended just a bit bored with it. One has the facility to test this out for oneself, that’s probably the quickest way to determine whether it’s possible. In the end it’s not anyone job to convince people about PE, if you aren’t convinced enough to give it a try, don’t do it. Why would I care what gains you get if you don’t?

Further reading: Penis Enlargement Skeptic? (to plug one of my own threads).

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Well, speaking for me and only me i have some serious issues about putting photos of my cock on the internet. My job has a security clearance and if by some freak chance of nature someone found above said photos of my cock and somehow put 2 and 2 together and found out my name and where i work. I am fairly sure i would be shit out of a job.

I have made really good gains in a relatively short time, my gains have slowed down because i have slacked off from the intense PE and fell back to maintenance to try and make sure what i gained is cemented *(ADS by way of either silicone tube or divocup/sock) and daily stretching by hand with the occasional light short hanging session
The male penis is a touchy subject with most men, and many a loving relationship brought to a end because of a careless word from a partner about size or appearance. *(in my case a girlfriend told me her ex’s penis went to his belly button when erect and mine doesn’t. I pointed out he was 5’4”tall and i am 6’3 and IF mine touched my bellybutton it would be 10.5” long and i put a ruler next to it for visual purposes). **(this shut her up)

Some guys just don’t want to post photos.

I have achieved my short term goals 7 x 6++ 17.78cm bpelx 15.2cm mseg 17.1cm beg...

long term goal 8 x current girth

I understand your observations and, like many things in life, I think the most logical answer becomes self-evident if you focus on the mind-set and self-interests of other individual users.

1. I doubt most users are uploading photos for scientific purposes or to help newbies, for that matter, but rather focused on their own progress and self-motivation. This means that a user may want to upload his post-pump/cock ring shot for reasons other than providing a fair comparison to his newbie erection in his initial photo. As an aside, the before/after photos you see in diet/exercise infomercials are BS (…_n_3651737.html).

2. Personally, I have no desire/expectation of ever uploading my penis picture regardless of my gains. I am too old for the sexting generation that thinks dick-pics are just another genre like family portraits.

3. For those that are willing to upload photos, I suspect that many guys start PE with some hope and faith but without the 100% conviction that it’s going to work and that they should want pre-PE photos for their own benefit. After some experience and real gains, users become convinced that PE works and start uploading photos as part of their personal progress logs as a self-motivation tool. It definitely wouldn’t surprise me in the least if a veteran that has plateaued or taken time away from PE decides to commit to a progress log and photos in their return.

4. It’s been so often stated that penis size is something you’re born with that many people can not even fathom that PE is possible. The world was once certainly flat… until it wasn’t and since no one as a real economic incentive to invest in a real scientific study to prove that PE works, it’s up to each person to use their BS-detector to decide whether PE works. We chose the red pill rather than the blue pill (from the Matrix) and have no desire to go back to our pre-PE days. FWIW, I haven’t been around long enough to have interacted with Bib or DLD and don’t care to go through old message boards to know whether my BS-detector says yes or no. They both have economic incentives to push PE so that immediately raises some concerns.

IMHO, by not taking advertising and diligently filtering out users with outside agendas, the voice and contribution of ThundersPlace’s users is the most open and honest of the various PE boards that I’ve seen. What’s in it for Thunder? Hell if I know. So if you are irked with Thunders, just keep in mind that it’s definitely the least-worst of the PE communities and if you had spent the time jelqing rather than doubting you’d be 1” bigger already:)

11/20/2011: BPEL: 6", MEG: 4.75" (goal BPEL: ~7", MEG: 5.25")

5/9/12: BPEL: 6.5", MEG 5" (goal BPEL: 7.25", MEG: 5.5")

3/5/13: BPEL: 6.875", MEG 5 5" (max goal BPEL: 7.5", MEG: 5.75")

I have contuinued here in this thread the discussion that was started in this thread: MrPriapus - Why do guys starting at 7 inches plus bother

Originally Posted by MrPriapus
@ Cantlook “Of course, many more guys have had success than than just the ones who kept a photo record. Unfortunately many are camera shy especially at the start. Most guys are here because they have issues with the size so taking and posting photos is a little out of their comfort zone and by the time they are more confident its too late to go back.”

I’m sorry but that doesn’t make any sense to me. No one knows your penis here, at least its highly improbable. We’re not talking about a body shot, we’re talking about a simple snapshot of your penis only before/after, which to me seems like a reasonable request, especially for those who have reported significant gains. It just peeves me that some people have thousands of posts and recommendations yet they don’t have the integrity to post some shots of their progress. If you’ve been around thunders that long you must’ve taken a few photos I would think. Not sharing them with the community yet trying to advise others on PE and defend its credibility is at the least irresponsible in my eyes.

These are just my thoughts. I know many people post pictures, but not many post decent before/after pictures, which is really the whole point of posting pictures. That and to get critique on different exercises. I never understand why anyone would post weekly pictures of their erection, or clamping, which are a majority of the pictures posted here. Why the hell do I wan’t to see your erect cock. Save that for the little teeny chicks on tumblr, I’m trying to be analytical and view someone’s progress, not pictures of your cock.

Aside from the privacy issue, which has been debated here many times as well… convincing before and after photos are not as simple as just “taking a simple snapshot’, most of the examples that are provided are simple snapshots and you discredited them because of inconsistencies. It reality, it takes a significant effort and deliberate planning to make a “convincing” before and after photo. You need to consider everything that could change and allow for it in the starting photo, you need to make note of lighting, camera angle, body position, distance from camera lens, you need to use the same measuring method and instrument, etc, etc. Long story short, you need to have an interest in more than just PE, you need to be dedicated to PE and dedicated to providing a quality before and after shot. Even after all that preparation, you can’t go back and fix mistakes or change things you didn’t allow for. I can only speak to the credibility of my own photos and I did my best with the time I was willing to spend on providing a decent before and after picture. I can promise you it does take an extra effort and deliberate intention to get a before and after photo to a level of quality to try and “prove it” to other people, it doesn’t just happen by accident.

Performing PE for yourself is one thing, performing it to prove it to others is completely different and not something that the majority of members here are interested in doing.

As for the weekly pictures, that is not something I am into looking at either, but in the end, if there was a consistency to it, it could provide a pretty convincing progression of growth If you picked a handful of pictures from the batch, but again, the consistency will probably not be there unless it was intentionally planned.

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Photos alone can’t prove a thing. Even videos would hard be a good proof, anybody with a pc and willing to trick people can donwload software to apply lens etc. etc..

The best proof is the one you see on yourself; beside that I personally make an idea if a given poster is reliable or not, then pics are a good supplement to see if the poster is (in good faith) fooling himself changing measurement style etc.. Side note: I’m not a shy guy, but if there is a camera at less than 50 meters from me I can’t have an erection.

Well, then clearly PE doesn’t work. Nothing to see here.. Thanks for keeping the global stats low so my gains keep me in the upper percentile. :)

When I reach 6.25” EG I plan on posting updated pics and once again when I reach 6.5” EG. My first progress pictures were to show my current size after years of PE. I don’t know when I will reach these goals but I’m a patient fellow.

Short-Term Goal: 6.25" EG by 9/1/14

"Take it Slow and Watch it Grow"

Long-Term Goal: 10.25" BPEL and 6.5" EG ?

I’ll never post a junk shot. I have nothing against those who do.

Have you seen the movie Sharknado? That shit is totally real!

Back in the day we were spotting fake pics all the time. Software and fakers became more sophisticated to the point that you had to view at the pixel level to spot them. Now? I don’t instantly think that every guy posting them are all fake; but, I’m aware that I wouldn’t spot them if they were. :rolleyes:

As far as not having much time for guys that question the authenticity of PE; what is their point exactly exactly? Either they haven’t bothered to read the forums or they want additional, personal, hand holding on the topic. WTF?!? So “I think you are all con men but if one of you personally tells me it is all fo’schnizzel in a convincing manor then I will believe.”

It is like you start hanging out with Santa’s elves and keep busting their chops about him being fake. They introduce you to the man himself and even let you talk to the raindeer and you say “so what, a fat guy in a red suit and some trained pets wearing hidden bluetooths?” Only way for someone like that to believe is to take a ride in the slay. And that aint happening unless you put in the time making toys.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Most succinctly put, my dear fellow.

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I think very few people gain more than about 1” of length through PE, whether because of insufficient effort, a physiological limit, or a lack of desire. And as cantlook wrote, to *convincingly* demonstrate a 1” or smaller length gain in photos requires extreme professionalism. As others have written, you’d have a far easier time producing convincing before-and-after photos that are, in fact, faked through photoshop ;) And girth gains are even more difficult to persuasively capture.

You’d have a lot more photographic evidence if PE were able to bring a 4x4” guy to 8x6”, similar to the way that bodybuilding can transform someone completely. But that’s really not the nature of the game. If adding muscle through weightlifting were as difficult as adding penis through PE, then the before-and-after photos on bodybuilding forums, even after legit gains, would basically just look like the same guy with variations in muscle pump and flexing.

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Originally Posted by Mr.P
I myself have only gained 1/4” in length in a over 3 months, but don’t think

those are legitimate enough to post yet, I’m waiting for greater gains.

Seems to answer this:

Why do people always seem to start progress threads after they’ve gained the majority of their purported size.

And this:

Why aren’t there more before/after pictures.

Have you posted before pictures; before you gained 0.25” in the first 3 months? That’s a very good gain rate.

If you could continue at that gain rate (you won’t), you would gain an inch in a year. But you have not posted before pics, so we wouldn’t have any ‘proof’ if you did. Lots of guys don’t really believe that PE will work (I didn’t), so they don’t take or post before pics. They only stick with PE once they find it does work, by which time they have missed the chance to take before pics - then their gains slow (happens to almost everyone) and suddenly a year has passed, they have a bigger penis, but no before pics to prove it. So they never bother to post pics until they already know it works, have had a lay-off, and want to see if they can grow more, knowing now that it works.

I never really talk about my gains on this site, because I have no before pics, therefore no ‘conclusive proof’, but there is no way I’d be taking time out of a stupendously busy life to keep posting here and trying to help others gain a larger penis if it didn’t work. That would be a waste of life, and I won’t waste my life.

Whenever anyone questions the legitimacy of PE I have only one answer…. try it for yourself. If you read plenty here and consistently stick to a routine and it doesn’t work, then leave, you have only lost a few hours. Or you find it does work, and you stick around. Guys who need proof before even trying it are not made of the right stuff to stick to a routine anyway.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Originally Posted by iamaru
It is like you start hanging out with Santa’s elves and keep busting their chops about him being fake. They introduce you to the man himself and even let you talk to the raindeer and you say “so what, a fat guy in a red suit and some trained pets wearing hidden bluetooths?” Only way for someone like that to believe is to take a ride in the slay. And that aint happening unless you put in the time making toys.

Sooo… does that make DLD the easter bunny or toothfairy? :)

Originally Posted by MrPriapus
…since most of the greatest gainers in the community don’t even have pictures (BIB, DLD, .)

DLD did try to back up his amazing gains with photo “proof” and got caught photo-shopping every time if I recall. Not many pictures left here because he linked to externally hosted images but there is at least one around here somewhere that I have seen (and it’s an obvious fake).

Bib has never posted any photos as far as I know.

Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it\'s open to making a donation!

@Firegoat I have taken before pictures. I just haven’t posted them because my gains were rather odd. Take that back, I have posted a few of them, but it was to resolve a different issue (Volatile Measurements). Initially I recorded 6.25” NBPEL and 5.9” EG, but then about 3 weeks later I recorded 6.5” NBPEL and 5.75” EG, and the fluctuation in these gains seemed odd to me given that with each measurement I take several samples and photos to ensure that it is consistent. So for my numbers to change like that made me question the validity of the gains, which is why I have not posted my before pictures. Additionally, what good are before photos without the after shot. I will post photos once I’ve given PE a sufficient trial and let others judge for themselves.


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