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Things That Irk Me About Thunders


Nice. Good luck on your gains then.

As everyone is saying, you can only find the truth through experience, which is what I am doing. I just wanted to vent my concerns, and I appreciate the thoughtful responses received thus far.

@Iamaru A bit overwrought, but still funny. Kinda echoes the majority of advice here. Thanks.

Originally Posted by wajiro
Well, speaking for me and only me i have some serious issues about putting photos of my cock on the internet. My job has a security clearance and if by some freak chance of nature someone found above said photos of my cock and somehow put 2 and 2 together and found out my name and where i work. I am fairly sure i would be shit out of a job.

Some Just do not understand that. I am in the same boat, they just do not understand. Do not post any pic’s if you have a clearance, and never ever again post in public that you have a clearance.
The heck with all that question what we go through, to risky. I hold a position, that I will not post pic’s until I retire, I make way to much money to give it up for a dick pic. Many here know my story
and that I have not PE’d in many years, I reached my goals and then some, but I care not if anybody believes that or not, oh well..

I must say, when the ruler and the camera comes out, your EQ may go down, so lets give these guys a break who at least put them selves out there.

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
I think very few people gain more than about 1” of length through PE, whether because of insufficient effort, a physiological limit, or a lack of desire…

You’d have a lot more photographic evidence if PE were able to bring a 4x4” guy to 8x6”

I do agree with that. I always tell people that (IMO) a vast majority of guys can gain 1X1/2”s with dedication and a totally open time frame. Just like in body building only a small percent of guys that start will stick with it. And aside from a 00.0?% of guys with lucky genetics gains will slow to a glacial crawl well before the one inch mark. It takes a special kind of delusional/obsessive dedication to stick with it once you enter the realm of no gains in 1/2 a year and no assurance that any more gains are even possible for you.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I think the best proof is the empirical evidence to be gleaned from attempting a routine yourself.. Why concern yourself with unverifiable second-hand info? Sure, pictures might be convincing, but some amount of doubt can always reasonably creep in, with regards to measurement technique - was it consistently performed and can the photos really serve as documentation of that? Remember that we are talking very small increments, and about multiple factors - any variation of which can affect the outcome, whether its the technical nuances of the photo itself, the measurements, the claims made on the basis of the photos, etc.

I think the reason a lot of people don’t post a starting or before pic is they aren’t really very concerned with proving anything to the outside world - they just want to learn how to get some results. Plus there is the fear factor of being new, or of being embarrassed, which right or wrong, are concerns some people have. Personally, I’m just too lazy to do it. Its a lot of effort to do it right, and if I were going to do it, I’d have to do it right. I see this a lot in the car community, where there is a small segment of the users who will do a mod or a repair and document the shit out of the job. Good enough quality to put into a magazine. And those become tutorials on the site, and people give them a ton of respect and credit for making the effort - but when I do something like that, its usually hard enough for me to just do the work, let alone add in the extra complication of documenting every step. I’m always the first to say “Good on you for doing that!”, but I would rarely make the effort myself. I feel the same way about PE. Just tell me what you did, and if its so complicated that it needs an accompanying photo essay, its probably beyond my capability anyway.

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