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The Lurker stops lurking

The Lurker stops lurking

Hello Everyone,

I have been lurking these boards for months, and I have been practising PE on and off for months as well. So firstly, I just want to thank everyone for this place.

I have had some fairly good results, but at the same time, some set-backs as well. So right now, I am basically going to go over what I have been doing, and then I’ll get into some other things that I feel I may need some opinions on.

When I started my PE, I used the basic newbie guidelines. I mainly sticked with jelqing. I’d do this 6 days a week, and 1 day off. Instead of using hot wrap, which I found to be not as effective as using a small bucket of hot (bearable) water and just soaking it in it. Went well for a month, I’d do it just before a shower, so it bacame a good routine for me. I could already tell the difference, perhaps not really in size but in the overall health of the penis. Soon I was doing my routine longer and a tad bit harder. I also added my manual stretching. Apart from being little sore, it was going great. At this point I was occasionally showering myself with hot water before and after jelqing. I was also spraying myself on my lower abdomen.

Now this is when I started to have some problem. I mean I have had hot showers all my life, but now with jelquing, the after effects started to feel. Everytime after my routine, I’d have this heavy feeling in my lower abdomen. I mostly do my routine at night, so the feeling would be gone by morning. But anyways, it began to get more and more. It felt like my lower abdome was about to collapse. I can’t describe is, but it was a real weird feeling. Funny coincidence also because around that same time I was also having some stomach upset problems. So I don’t if one thing led to another, but I stopped jelqing for almost 2 months after that.

I started again, and I have been doing it since with good results. I have now made a combination of dry jelqing and wet jelqing with a dose of manual stretching. I also do it the “yanking way” as described by someone named Trigger in a post made earlier today. It feel it to be giving me better results. I now refrain myself to have myself completely showered by hot water before a session. And I haven’t had those lower abdomen problems. I hope it stays that way. If someboady else have had these issue and know any reasoning behind this, please shed some light. I like to have some answers and not keep this a mystery. Just for safety.

I have also added another experimental practice which I don’t know might already be used by some people. About 2-3 times a week, and after 1 hours of rest from a session, I’d tie up my “GENERAL” (LOL), I don’t have any cockrings, and keep the blood from escaping. Then I’d watch some good “quality” porn for about half an hour, without even touching the General. As you can image this always adds alot of pressure and make it have a completely 100% full erection and holds it there. I feel it helps (somehow). I just want to know if this is not dangerous.

Just to give some background information. I am of Indian heritage from Hong Kong with a size of approx 6.3 inches at fully erect length. Never measured my girth, but i’ll work on that anyways. My goal to to hit 7 inches length and and some girth anything above that is a bonus.

Once again, thanks to the people here and the webmasters.

Definitely getting bigger.

Welcome to the board Mr Hong Kong.

The Lurker - Thanks for deciding to post. Everyone’s contribution is helpful and useful. Thank you, too, for including your location. We are an International community and it helps others understand phrases and word usage if we know where you live.

Your routine sounds good, your goal is achievable. Can’t comment on the abdominal pain unless you were stretching your spermatic cords while jelqing. That might cause lower abdominal discomfort.

The Lurker,

When you’re jelqing, have you noticed if you are tensing up your abdominal muscles while jelqing? Sometimes I notice that the way I sit and the intensity of the exercises causes me to tense my stomach up. Maybe tensing up too much over a long period of time is causing the weird stomach feelings?


Firstly I want to thank all three of you for replying. This is a great forum with a real sense of community.

Secondly, you guys might have just shed some light on my abdominal discomfort mystery. Yes, I did notice some tensing up of the lower abdominal area during that time of jelqing. Perhaps it was the position I was sitting, but at that moment, I thought it was a mere side effect of regular stretching and jelqing. Perhaps I wasn’t relaxed enough on certain occasions. But that would make sense and hopefully you are right SUperStroker. I will keep myself more aware of that now.

Westla90069, thanks for your remark as well. I was stretching during that time, and even with the jelqing I was giving long hard thugs. I would appreciate it if you could perhaps tell me as to how I could have possibly been stretching these cords and the role they play in lower abdomen discomfort.

* Please note - I did not mention “pain”, as to the unique nature of this discomfort. Don’t want to confuse anyone. It is just as I described, more of a “heaviness”, or a “collapsing” feeling. It makes it difficult to stand and made me want to lie down on my back.

Definitely getting bigger.

Hey Lurker, check and see if your family has a history of hernias (I think that’s how you spell it). I don’t know much about them, but I too have experienced the feeling you’re talking about, brought on my Dr. Lin’s “anal breathing” method, which involves flexing the lower abs.


Not that I know of, and I am pretty sure I would know if my family did have any history of hernia.

I had a litte groin injury recently from playing football, but I am quite sure that has nothing to do with it. I also started karate classes this year without any poblems, apart from that groin injury which kept me out for awhile.

Definitely getting bigger.

Did you start karate around the same time as PE? Because you mentioned that you’re not feeling anymore discomfort now. Also, how intense are you karate workouts? When I’ve been out of karate for a month and go back, I notice that for the next 3 weeks after I start back that my lower abdomen gets this sore-achey feeling (from all the kicks). If I tense up, I can feel it. When I walk, I can feel it. The feeling is uncomfortable sometimes but not painful. Goes away after a few weeks of training.

Re: WOW..

Originally posted by The Lurker

Westla90069, thanks for your remark as well. I was stretching during that time, and even with the jelqing I was giving long hard thugs. I would appreciate it if you could perhaps tell me as to how I could have possibly been stretching these cords and the role they play in lower abdomen discomfort.

The spermatic cord is a structure that extends from the testicle into the abdomen and contains the tube that carries sperm, nerves, and blood vessels. Pulling on your testicle would put traction on the cord and could cause an unpleasant sensation in the lower abdomen. Usually the spermatic cord isn’t involved in penile stretching, it was just one way I thought of that might have been causing your discomfort.

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