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Lurker Introduction

Lurker Introduction

Hi, i’ve been a long time lurker, i’ve probably posted a few odd posts here and there, but that’s it. I figured I’d say hi and introduce myself and what not.

I’ve been reading thunders for a while, and the older forums too, but i’ve never really gotten into PE. At first i was skeptical, but that was a while ago. I’ve tried jelqing a handful of times, but I’ve had problems doing it because i’m uncut, i either end up just streching the skin, or i get a hardon, pull one off and then i don’t feel like streching or whatever. So i just never really did anything with any PE at all.

I want to get into it, but it’s also a bit difficult since i live w/ the folks (i’m 20, communiting to college this year) and they give me no privacy.

I dunno, i figure maybee if i start posting and get involved in the community i might get determined to really get into it. Because i do want to get bigger, don’t we all?

I’m not really unhappy w/ my erect size, but i woudln’t mind more lenght, and some girth higher up on the shaft. I don’t have flacid measurments, but i’d definitly like a lot more soft.

BPEL: 6.5 to 6.75” (depends if i “flex”)
EG base: 6.5”
EG Mid: 6”
EG just below head: 5”

My first goal is 8”x7”

I have some pictures, but i don’t really know if they’re appropriate for the board. I took them for an ex with a crappy web cam, so only one of them shows my full penis, and I used camera angles (and comparing myself to a bottle of soda) to make it look longer than it is. I have no problems posting them if you guys think they’d be approptiate.


Well welcome aboard shadowraider,

You already seem to have a pretty decent starting size. Are those measurements BP?

I am cut, so I don’t really understand the difficulties you seem to have with jelqing. I know that there are other members who are uncut who practice jelqing though. I personally find it beneficial, that’s where most of my gains have come from. Plus, jelqing gives me a great flaccid, which I see you are after.

As for your goals, I think you may find jelqing and squeezes helpful in getting more girth up the shaft.

There is a member pictures forum for posting pictures of your member BTW ;)

Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

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