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Targeting Specifics.

Targeting Specifics.

Hey all,

I’m sorry if this is a commonly asked question and I overlooked my (attempted) searches and apologise in advance.

Just starting up my P.E venture, only a few weeks into a very light beginner routine and I am not massively fussed on making massive gains at this exact moment in time (Although I am keen to start soon). I don’t have the commitment, drive or attention span at the moment to stick to a religiously consistent routine. At the moment It pretty much just consists of some light jelqing (10 minutes) and stretching (10 minutes) before I have my shower of an evening. The way I’m treating it right now is getting my dude ready for a real routine when the time comes. I am starting at 7.25” NBPEL and 5.5” MEG, which makes my dude look quite slender (Due to the length) so when I start up I will really wanna be targeting girth gains above all. I don’t want to really gain much at all in length because my partner is very small and I really like to vigorously bang. My 100% erect length is up closer to 7.5” and I’m really enthusiastic in the bedroom, always givin’ er’ down to my pelvic bone so I want to keep it exactly how it is in that sense.

My problem is, and from lurking the forums for the last few weeks It doesn’t seem to be overly common, usually somewhat the opposite, is that my BASE girth is quite a bit less then my mid section, and then it backs off again a little closer to the head. Its considerably thinner at the base, its visually noticeable at first glance and its not as aesthetically pleasing in terms of structure. And also as I mentioned above it then backs of, but not as much, a little closer to the head. His mid section is quite a bit fatter then the rest of him and I would really like to make it fatter at the base purely for him to be more visually pleasing. On top of being visually pleasing I’m sure it would make it more physically pleasing for my partner and our prospects.

If I am purely not ready to target specifics as I am new to the world of P.E, please provide me with the necessary information and I will bookmark it for future reference!

Thank you for your time good people and one love,

Hi Stalefish.

I’ve achieved some satisfying girth gains over the years, mainly through the usual route here: lots of manual exercises (specifically, Sadsak slinkies, Ulis, horse pumps, etc), and clamping. My case is somewhat similar to yours, though, in that I my gains were more mid-shaft than base. More specifically, the gains came from the area just above the base to mid-shaft. My theory is that nearly every girth method requires a good deal of constriction at the base, forcing the rest of the penis to balloon up. So ,while you’re forcing blood into the rest of the shaft, the base stays squeezed tight.

There are some who will advise against this, but I’ve been pumping for a few months now and that seems to be doing the job of evening things up. It’s almost as if I’m seeing newbie gains at the base, since that’s where I’ve seen the best increases.

This is all just my own experience and speculation, of course, so please take it as such.

Thank you Ferservadu2!

Definitely information I was after. I don’t have any clamps or anything like that as of yet. I haven’t even started to properly P.E so I haven’t gained any yet either. Mine is purely naturally like this. I completely understand what you are saying though as when I lightly do jelq in the shower, it doesn’t expand my base at all, merely starts at my base and works upwards. I don’t really want to start a routine that’s too intense yet because I can see it amplifying the problem. I plan on getting some clamps and starting to do sessions with that. I will continue my search of the forums to see if I can find any other light on the subject.

Thank you again sir, peace & love

Clamping and hanging can give base girth gains.

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