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Targeting Ligs Hanging---Afterwards, Just Ace Wrap Not Enough

Targeting Ligs Hanging---Afterwards, Just Ace Wrap Not Enough

I started hanging late in 2004, doing only BTC and SD. Recently I’ve begun SO, due to slowed gains I probably need to target the tunica more.

I use an Ace Wrap after hanging. Seems to me I’ve been making a mistake all this time, simply by not stopping to think about it. I should have used golf weights after lig targeting, not just a wrap. Now that I’ve begun SO hanging just a wrap may be ok, though weights still seem the way to go because SO targets ligs and tunica. Good grief, I just can’t believe I hadn’t realised this before. Just wrapping should be fine (but as efficient as weights?) after OTS and fulcrum hanging.

I suppose no one else will make the simple mistake I have, but I thought I would post this just in case, to possibly help someone else avoid it.

Don’t beat yourself too much, that really don’t seem to be that big of a goof. Live and learn, you are doing the best thing, self experimentation.

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