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Targeting the Tunica

Targeting the Tunica

Targeting the Tunica (Part 1)

Note: This article/thread is an attempt get a forum focus on overcoming the limits of the tunica. I am not a scientist, physiologist,
biologist. The following contains simply my opinions and theories. They are not meant to be taken as gospel but to be a catalyst
for forward thinking.

Know your enemy…

With any endeavour in life there is always some limiting factor that affects the outcome.
In PE, it is widely recognized that the tunica albuginea is the adversary we must overcome to continue to make length gains.
For you newbies here’s a brief overview.

The tunica is the whitish membrane within the penis that surrounds the spongy chambers (corpora cavernosa)
in the penis and which helps to trap the blood in the corpora cavernosa, thereby sustaining erection of the penis.
The term comes straight from the Latin tunica (covering or coat) + albuginea (white) = a covering that is white,
like the white (albumen) of an egg.

The tunica albuginea, is stretched tightly enough to produce rigidity. In addition to defining the shape of the
erect penis, the tunica also has a key role in limiting blood outflow during erection.

So in at least on aspect, the natural function of the tunica is to do exactly what we don’t want, limit the size of
our penises and its composition and design are very effective at doing this.

The tunica plays an important role in the mechanism of erection because of it is essential for penile extensibility,
rigidity, compliance, and veno-occlusion; it is composed mainly of thick collagen bundles and elastic fibres. The
former are arrayed in two layers; the inner is circular, the outer longitudinal. Collagen fibres are composed of
the aggregation of tropocollagen molecules and normally are arranged in an undulating pattern in the flaccid state.
Although their tensile strength is great, their elasticity is limited as a result of the molecular configuration.
Elastic fibres, which are composed of elastin and micro-fibrils, can stretch to 150% of their normal length.


In my personal humble opinion I believe this is the number one limiting factor for length gains.
Girth gains are another topic and could be attributed to CC “struts.” See ModestoMan’s thread
CC “Struts” may limit girth growth
Anyhow, Evidence to support the tunica as the length limiter can be found in saphenous vein grafts studies.
Saphenous vein graft is a process in which the tunica is cut and a segment of vein is grafted in.
Below is the results of grafts on several patients suffering from Peyronie’s disease.

Saphenous Vein Grafts


We have performed this procedure on seven patients with moderate erectile dysfunction and severe penile
shortening from Peyronie’s disease. One patient who did not use the VED (vacuum erection device, i.e. “pump”)
gained 1 inch of length while all the others who did use the VED gained 2 inches at 6 months.

All patients reported decreased rigidity with erections, but the VED was effective in inducing erections
adequate for intercourse. All patients were satisfied with the regained length achieved by the surgery.
Two patients subsequently underwent implantation of an inflatable penile prosthesis without difficulty.


Successful artificial tissue expansion has been described in the orthopedic literature (Ilizarov technique).
12 Attempts to lengthen the penis have for the most part failed in the past with the use of weights, severing
the suspensory ligament, etc. These procedures have improved flaccid length in some cases but not erectile length.
Since the tunica tissue is fibrous and rigid, use of a VED to stretch this tissue does not result in long-term
gains in erectile length.13


According to these studies, introducing a flexible tissue into the tunica resulted in length gains of 2” over a period of
only 6 months.

So now, how do we target the tunica? I think in this instance it is entirely appropriate to apply body building principles
to PE. How so? In body building the optimal way to target a muscle is isolation. In PE this may prove to true also.
The goal here would be to fatigue the tunica to a point past the tensile strength and trigger some type of growth or injury/
remodeling response. Some noted exercises that are good in this respect is the V-Stretch, Inverted V-Stretch and fulcrum stretch.
I use a variation of the V-Stretch in something I call the “Hook Stretch.” I hold the glans with one hand and stretch as far our
as I can. I use the index (thumb or pointer will work) finger and form a hook with it. I move the “hook” up and down the shaft
like a fulcrum a finger width at a time. After several sets the tunica becomes sore.

There are various threads that explore chemically breaking down the tunica to maximize the effectiveness of applied stress but
most of these are quiet theoretical and have not been explored.

… to be continued

Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal: my strength lies solely in my tenacity.

Louis Pasteur

Some good points Iguana. Out of curiosity could you share a little bit more about your results with the V-stretch.

04: NBP 5.5, EG 5. 08: NBP 7 EG 5.25. Current: NBP 6.5 EG 5.25

I’m a little surprised it mentions weights don’t work. Does that mean hanging isn’t really effective for EL?

If you consider the dorsal thickening of the outer longitudinal tunica layer it makes sense that the area of tunica on the top of your penis would grow slower than the rest if you don’t specifically targets it using A-stretches (aka inverted V-stretches), for instance. I think the “divide and conquer” approach using isolation is a good idea.

A curve implies that a area of tunica is shorter, lengthwise, than the rest. If you consider your curve you can isolate the area of tunica that is shorter to target it more effectively for lengthening.

For instance, people with an upward curve might want to focus on A-stretches to put more pressure on top of the penis to target the dorsal thickening. The upward curve is a result of that top area of tunica tissue is shorter than the rest. Considering the dorsal thickening I think upward curves is more usual than downward curves (just guessing).

People with a downward curve on the other hand might want to focus on V-stretches to put more pressure on the part of their tunica that is shorter in their case, namely the area on the bottom of their penis. It seems to me people with downward curves have more potential for fast gains because they are not working against the tougher dorsal thickening - yet.

And people with straight penises I believe should focus on both regular straight stretches (no fulcrum) and do some A-stretches to compensate for the dorsal thickening. It seems to me doing only straight, no fulcrum stretches, would eventually cause an upward curve since the tunica on top of the penis would grow slower.

I’m not saying this is the way it is, it’s just some thoughts.

Interesting 6x5. I have a slight left bend which I’ll be working on. I will say I wouldn’t worry too much about an upward curve, as that could be useful for g-spot and Anterior Fornix stimulation. I’m hardly at that point yet but can see trying to eliminate the left bend and work on a slight upward bend.

Then again, I’ll probably throw a party if I get to 9” and call it quits!

Bump. I found this thread really interesting.

Current: 7 1/4" BPEL, 5 1/2" EG

Goal: 7 1/2" BPEL, 6" EG, 7 inches NBPEL, the magic number!

Yes, I have read it beford and I now that v-stretches doin good for lenght gains and fulcrum stretches. And if you use a sock insted of using your fingers when hook at shaft to do the v-stretch..the sock stretches take the v-strerches to a new level!

Starting size: 7.48" X 5.51" Currently: 10.1" X 6.4"

Heat is the key!

I have been fine tuning my pumping and jelqing workouts for about 6 months now with great results. It seems I have peaked in length but my gains in girth slowly continue.

When I am in a larger tube working on girth at higher pressures, I can see my penis trying to curve upward. When done with my routine I have that straight round miniature beer can effect. However, when I have a normal completely hard erection these days, my penis engorges to the typical and slightly oval shape and feels like a double barrel shotgun now. This is my personal example of my increases and the tunica’s horizontal elasticity and natural design.

During a non-pumped natural erection, I am now starting to see a slight upward curvature I have never seen before. Hence, in my case, the tunica will allow for a more horizontal stretching but the longitudinal lengthening is limited.

I think Dicko7X5 was on to something very important here. In my personal experience, this enforces what he was saying and in my case, the dorsal area of the outer longitudinal tunica layer is going to need some extra work in order to allow for better gains in length.

In addition, through my experience and observations, I cannot conclude that it is due to dorsal thickening of the outer longitudinal tunica layer or if it is just my personal and natural design that purposely limits the length of my manhood.

One side note. I don’t think I mind having a slight upward curve. The wife has been extremely satisfied over the last several months.

In any case, would someone kindly point me to the A-Stretches routine? Thanks!

No man who is occupied in doing a very difficult thing, and doing it very well, ever loses his self-respect. George Bernard Shaw

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There aren’t A-stretches routines that I know, there are instructions and a video. You’ll find them through the FAQ. Stretches are the subject of this thread also

Tricks And Tips For Manual Stretching

Since the idea is to get the tunica to be in the condition to stretch, would it be more effective to first exhaust the tunica.. Then commence with the appropriate tunics stretching exercises?

I myself have yet to see any concrete and consistent length gains (so as to rule out erection fluxes and kegels) in 11 months. Just over a month with doing a rigorous “less is more” routine.. And getting rather impatient and frustrated (again).

Thinking about using a different approach when attacking the tunica. So from now on I am going to break down the tunica to the point of exhaustion via Erect Bends (focusing more on the downward bend). Then some jelqs with a held downward stretch at the end. Followed with edging.

Finally once it gets slightly numb and swollen and soft yet hard it’s ready to be stretched. Going to start with A stretches and V stretches.. Then some A stretch hanging. Still going to use the less is more approach and allow for the 3 days recover period.. But if no gains continues I’m switching over to excessive overload by exercising as much as possible as frequently as possible.

Will touch back with the results.

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