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Taking a break for healing

Taking a break for healing

Often difficult to stop and reflect over gains. Now that I am getting used to the idea of PE and flaccid or semi erected exercises I do take my warm up sessions and breaks religiously to allow for healing two days at least.

To my surprised I have noticed gains come back, erections stronger I m still not hung well but that comes later so long as I have the necessary piece to front up my sexual commitments which right now I have a queue 20+ and 30+ outside my door. One positive aspect pf jelqing and stretching has been to retard early ejaculation and better erection. I am glad and proud to be a member of this forum

I am starting to be of the ilk that rest days are not necessary from personal experience. I believe as long as you are conscious of how your buddy is responding to you rest days are over emphasized (keyword OVER).

Seems to me that rest days are definitely necessary, at least at the beginning.

I took breaks off in the beginning, but now I am taking my first week off in months

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You guys are thinking you don’t need breaks?

Seems like rest days is popular here on Thunders and not so popular on MoS. Different schools of thought I guess. I’m leaning towards the MoS school more and more. Once you are past the newbie phase I think “more is better”.

Originally Posted by Crabman99

Seems like rest days is popular here on Thunders and not so popular on MoS. Different schools of thought I guess. I’m leaning towards the MoS school more and more. Once you are past the newbie phase I think “more is better”.

LOL! the word overwork, exhaust and overtrain is often used there too:)

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Considering how many people on Thunder’s adhere to the theory that gains are caused by plastic deformation, I find it odd that any of them would think that less work can in any way lead to better gains.

Personally, I’m not convinced by that theory at all, but I do think that more PE is indeed better in regards to gaining (EQ of course is another matter).

Well it is a balance between gains and EQ.

I have pulled and stretched so hard occasionally that could barely find my dick to piss some days, Though I got an inch out of the deal, so no complaints whatsoever.

I still rest two out of seven, but maybe I’ll try going flat out for a while and see what happens.

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I took a month off from July to August due to pain on the left side of my shaft (had to take pain killers like Endone) still no negative effects on growth

Blue eye, blonde latino

I believe the “less is more” approach is sound and less dangerous. However if you are desperate for gains and don’t have patience to wait many years to see some real gains there are plenty of examples both here and on MoS that “more is more”. I am right now on a hanging routine and boy is that a “more is more” approach to PE. At least 10 hours a week is suggested, and most of the big gainers put in between 20-50 hours a week. But sure, low weights and long time is one way to say that less is more. The effort is definitely not small and in my opinion more hardcore than few sets and a slightly higher weight.

Also, with hanging rest days are seen as detrimental as you need to “ride the fatigue”, a concept I am pretty sure could be used in all thinking regarding PE for length. Maybe for girth as well, but there seems to be another division of camps: one camp saying that every day is best and one camp saying that every other day is best.

I gained much better when I took 2 weeks off every 6 to 8 weeks. When I did PE every day, gains soon ground to a halt.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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I am doing decondition break too. It’s day 10 for me and I haven’t took a decondition break from 2 years. :)

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