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Lose of gains after break

Lose of gains after break

Hey everyone, I have a bit of a problem here. I took a 5 week break from my ADS ( first break in a year ) starting on March 14. Yesterday I decided to start wearing the ADS again, but when I tried putting it on, I couldn’t. I had to remove a 1/4 inch extension just to get myself in the ADS and that was still a bit tough to do. I am not going to measure myself with a ruler to find out how much I really lost, just cant build myself up to it.

Anyways, will these loses come back quickly or will it take months to come back? It has to be over a 1/4” lost within those 5 weeks. I doubt I ever take a break again, not if this is what happens. Hell, then I wonder if I should even keep PEing if all my gains will become lost. Really, whats the point of doing years of PE if my gains are not permanent.

Someone please tell me that they have made permanent gains from PE. And have your loses from taking a break came back quickly.

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Yes they should come back quickly. I suggest doing jelqs beside than using an ADS.

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