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stretching queries

stretching queries

I have a low lot, somewhere around 7, so according to Bib’s lot theory I should stretch my tunica if i want length gains. I’m only gonna work on length for now because i have read that it is a good way to go before working for girth.
Currently I do 50 dld blasters, a few upward stretches, and 30 minutes of upward jelqing, and then ai stretches later at night. I haven’t had results because I’ve been inconsistent but I wish to do pe more consistently now.

Are there any other exercises that are very good for stretching the tunica? Or popular ones I can look over?
Also, since my lot is so low, does that mean i should just not stretch the ligaments at all and only work on tunica? This is what I’m doing currently because I’ve heard my lot can go up from stretching the tunica and maybe later I can get some easy ligament gains.


Check out the tutorials, lots of good info and pics on how to do the stretches. That should be benefical to you. And welcome to the board.

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I don’t see why you can’t go ahead and work your ligs and get gains from it first. Do you think it would be encouraging to you to get the lig gain first, since it may not be as tough, and then that could help inspire you to consistently work the tunica for more gain and to raise your LOT back up again. Follow a safe program at all times.

I would also like to see what the veterans think about superglass going ahead and getting what lig gains he can first from a 7 LOT

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I should mention there is theory that perhaps the tunica should be hit first because it may be even tougher to work it after the ligs have been worked. There is also the theory that the ligs should stay in a constant state of tear and build and not be allowed to set up for too long for best gains—-so this would also lend thought to getting the LOT up first so that once you start working the ligs they can be worked for a longer period of time, keeping them in a unstable state for easier overall lig gains.

I don’t know how critical this is considered and have much yet to fully understand myself. Somebody help us. :)

i have a low lot though, according to bib i wont gain much….and my erection angle is already pretty low any lower will be a problem

Reverse V-stretches (A-stretches) work well for the tunica. Here are pics, with a button at the bottom to download a video. The tunica gets worked as long as the base is angled upward as it comes out of the pelvis. I prefer to do them over the padded back of a low chair instead of pulling up with my non-stretching hand.

p.s. Please use capital letters where appropriate. Thanks.

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