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Plateus, Manual dry stretching, and modifications of the latter

Plateus, Manual dry stretching, and modifications of the latter

Hey everyone,
After having no time at all, Today i had a lot of free time so i just started PEing today.

I have been only doing regular manual dry stretching. Then after a while i remembered the manual dry v-strecth ( - bad link ) and ive been doing that now.

What i wanted to know was, from manual dry stretching and the V stretch, will i get any gains? I think ive read that some havent gotten gains with just dry manual stretching alone, only through hanging and jelqing they have gained. The thing is, i really dont have the privacy (or time for cleaning up after) for jelqing, and i definitely have no privacy to hang, so i can only get in some manual dry stretching (and any modifications of those). So can i gain length and girth, just length, or anything at all?

Also, ive heard that many people reach plateus when doing PE. Is this more frequent with manual dry stretching and variations of it? How can i avoid plateuing if all i do is manual dry stretches.

Thanks alot guys,

aww come on guys, i need some help here, anyone please!

thanks in advance

Hey Big Willy,

ALL stretching is done dry. You wouldn’t want to try and hold on to your dick and stretch it with lube all over it would you?

You may get gains from stretching alone. You may also want to slowly add some dry jelqing to your routine and squeezes later down the road. Remember though, it is easier to hurt yourself with out any lube, so take it easy and add time and intensity slowly over an extended period.

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