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stretching devices

stretching devices

HELLO, i would like to ask anyone if they have tried any of the stretching devices on the market. i bought a stretcher that attaches to your leg but have a very difficult time getting it to stay attached to my dick, always pulls off.

some of the other devices where you stretch your dick inside a tube or with pieces of metal and strap your head at the end then leave it on for several hours. in principal it seems logical as the photos they show of african tribesman stretching their necks, etc.

after two months of jelquing i have noticed some girth and my wife tells me my dick feels stronger when hard. i know that is a by product of jelquing but not showing much, if any at all length. i realize it’s a bit too soon and that will be much harder to achieve. if anyone has any information on the stretching devices, i am all ears. would like any advice regarding stretching in general. thank you very much, nala


stretching devices


I have tried passive stretching with golf club weights and using a heavy pad lock. it is difficult to wear throughout the day because i have to keep checking circulation. any advice on this method and has anyone seen results? thanks a million


In the tutorials forum there is a simple all day stretcher you can make, which works well and will save you some $$$, so go check it out.



Be very wary of stretchers, especially those with noose-like contraptions around the glans. Obviously some are much better than others - the first (and only to date) that I had was a PVC tube with a nylon cord. I calculated about 0.5cm gain over a few months but would not recommend this product at all.


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