Sort-of-Newb starting to Pump

Hey guys, I been a lurker for info for awhile and I guess did what would be considered maintenance PE for awhile. I started PE really when I went through puberty, in that I just liked playing with it. Lol I’m now in my mid/late 20’s and trying to gain for personal satisfaction.

I bought a pump with vac gauge and a LA pump 10” x 2.25” tube. So far I’ve been pumping at 2-5mg.

Started pumping around the 10th of January, 2010 and started measurements at 7.25” BPEL x 5.75” MEG, 5.75”BEG.
My penis looks a lot bigger in the middle than it does at the base but shockingly it measures the same.

Anyway I measured again after 3 weeks and have found;
A)My erections are much better quality(nothing was wrong before it’s just harder and has more blood now)
B)I have gained a significant amount of length. Measures 7.7” BPEL now
C)My Mid girth is ever so slightly less than it was before but doesn’t look less(or feel it) at about 5.5”-5.6”. If I squeeze my penis while erect it goes to a little over 6” in the middle and at the base after pumping it can be about 6.25”

Is that normal? I kind of thought going with the wider tube would work better towards girth? Will my girth eventually fill out to these numbers?

I am pleased that the length has increased just wondering why it did the opposite of what I thought would happen. I wonder if the quality of my erection is what increased my length or I possibly did not measure very well.
I think I would like to be about 7.75 NBPEL x 6.5 ish EG


PS I posted in the “Newbie Forum” because I was for some reason not allowed to post in the “Pumper’s Forum”.

Start of Pumping and Routine:1/10/2010 BPEL 7.25", MEG 5.75", BEG 5.75"

Current:3/3/2010 BPEL 7.9", MEG 5.75", BEG 5.55" (got length and lost base girth?)