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Intro and A Couple Questions From a Newb

Intro and A Couple Questions From a Newb

I Have been Lurking and reading and PEing since I joined

I hope I do not violate any posting guidelines here by posting now, and if I do my apologies in advance.

My starting stats we’re

5.5” EG

I have been Jelqing and have incorporated some squeezes and gained 1/4 length. I basically fill a toilet paper tube girth wise.

After reading the pumpers forum I decided to order a Kaplan Pump kit. 2” cylinder and a second cylinder at 3”

My pump came today, and of course I couldn’t wait to try it.

I warmed up, pumped 10 minutes at -5 and did 50 jelqs in the tube the last few minutes.

I released pressure and did 100 jelqs then went back into the tube for same routine.

I pack the 2” tube about 2” up from the base and I also noticed that the head (corona?) was also packed while the remainder of the shaft was unpacked. The second pump did pack more from the base. I made a small mark on outside of tube just so I would have a starting point and that measured 7.5” length.

My question(s) are;

1. Is this normal to pack the base and the head? The Kaplan tube is flared so it tapers down towards the end.

2. Does anyone have any experience or opinions on the second tube that is suggested to have a different tug by stretching the cock and balls?

All I can say is the pump was an incredible feeling and I really wanted to stay in there longer, but I did not.

Any suggestions or opinions are most appreciated

Welcome Data, and no you didn’t break the rules ;)

I unfortunately can not answer your questions, but I am hoping one of guys will chime in soon.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

I warmed up, pumped 10 minutes at -5 and did 50 jelqs in the tube the last few minutes.

Welcome, data!

Please, explain “jelq’s in the tube”? :confused:

If you are going mainly for length, stay with the 2” cylinder. The packing effect is normal.


“Please, explain “jelq’s in the tube”?”

Maybe I am using the wrong terminology?

I read in the Pumpers Forum about gripping the tube towards the end of the session and raising it up an inch or so to restore some blood flow.

Repeat for X number of times

When you do raise it up the suction pulls it back down


The “Jelq in the tube” is know as milking the tube. And no matter of size, some of the conditions are the same—tube size diameter about 1/4 in wider than erect penis. Avocets’s Guide as Bible and patience. Everything else will take care of itself. There’s good help here just ask—Steve

Thanks for the replies and help

Do you use the 3quot;

I’m curious if you used the 3” yet. Strictly for girth, I assume? Can you get a good seal at the base?

I ordered my Kaplan on ebay (seller eveshut) last Friday. Can’t wait!

Start: 6.3 x 5.2 (Feb '05)

Now: 7.9 x 5.65 (gain 1.6 x 0.45) - SFL 8.6"

Goal: 8.5 x 6.0 - Currently trying: handclamp squeeze, O-bends. My data - Progress log

I tried the 3” tube yesterday for all of 3-4 minutes and did not like it.

The theory behind it is that it stretches a different way than the 2” tube.

I will try it again but with a lower pressure. Seems like I have to get the pressure higher to get and keep a good seal but once I pack it at the base I might be able to let off a little.

It was my first try with that tube and I am really new to this so please don’t take anything I say as an informed response.

It will probably take some experimentation on my part to find a comfortable way to do it.

Good luck with your Pump. I think it is an awesome feeling and I am looking forward to the day when I can pack that 2” tube all the way

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