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Ebay pump store: paylessplaymore

Ebay pump store: paylessplaymore

Does anyone have any feedback on the pumps and cylinders for sale at the following eBay store:

The only mention of this in search is the thread where I first saw it mentioned here , and a Ballzinger thread.

I am currently a hanger. I am hoping to reach my length goals this year and switch to clamping and a little bit of pumping. Thinking of getting some equipment now so I can get prepared.

I am not in the US, and brake bleeding kits seem to sell for around $100 here.…DefaultDomain_0

A package like the above would end up costing me less than half what I would be paying at Vacutech or LA Pump. The pump appears to be similar to the harbor freight tools pump. I have included a picture of the pump. I have also zoomed in on the main part of the pump. I am not a photoshop expert, but it looks like he has used a photoshop type program to write “Bigger is Better” over the pump’s actual decal. Anyone recognize the manufacturer, or have any thoughts about its quality?

The notes say the cylinder is made from “Highest Quality Crystal Clear Acrylic”. Is that good?

I am tempted to go for this kit versus spending twice the amount on a kit from Vacutech or LA Pump. Especially considering the recent threads here singing the praises of water pumping versus air pumping. If I do find that I prefer water pumping, I figure I will only end up using the pump occasionally anyway.

Would buying this kit be a mistake?


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Sure looks like the right pump. Smallest cylinder size they have is a 2” (one size too big for me, unfortunately), but for that price, I could get that and a Jim Diamond and still be well under what LA Pump has to offer. Very tempting, but going to wait until what others say in this thread.

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