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Some questions:

Some questions:

How much stretching is too much per session? I do 10/15/20 minute jelq sessions depending on my schedule. I read that too much stretching can result in girth gains, which I am trying to avoid for the moment. Is is that people are doing girth exercising stretches as well? I have been mainly sticking to the directional pulling instead of A/V/mandingo due to wanting to avoid girth gain.

Do mandingo/a/v stretches work girth?`

Trying to max length gains as soon as best

Apparently firegoat says longer lighter sessions are better since they don’t toughen the tunica.

Stretching mainly targets length. There are reports from hangers of base girth gains, however.

If you are just starting, please only follow the newbie routine. It will give you gains and condition your penis. You will learn a lot about your penis and how to perform the exercises while following it.

Stretching too hard is not good for your penis. Stretch only enough to feel tension on your shaft, but not harder. And you should never feel pain.

The Mandingo stretch is very advanced, there are other intermediate and advanced exercises that you can do before attempting it.

If length is your goal, then lower erection level jelqs and directional stretches are the way to go.

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