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Hanging plus stretching and jelqing

Hanging plus stretching and jelqing

Bigger wrote this and I thought it might interest everyone here as to his thoughts on combining these three exercises.

“Jelqing, while it does provide some length gains to many guys, is primarily a girth exercise, through increased internal blood pressure.

You can think of the tunica of the shaft as as mesh network of collagenous tissues. Hanging or stretching stresses the longitudenal bonds of the mesh. Jelqing, Ulis or any type of internal blood pressure PE stresses the lateral bonds of the tunica.

When PEing properly, reaching fatigue, etc, these collagenous areas are stressed, become inflamed, producing heat, soreness, etc. During the course of this process, as healing begins, the collagenous tissues become stronger all around. But if ALL the bonds of the tunica are inflamed, then the collagenous matrix becomes much much stronger. You get what is described by researches as cross fibers or diagonal fibers within the matrix. Somewhat analgous to scar tissue in skin. It is the body’s way of reacting to two stresses applied during the same time period. In the end, it simply makes the job of gains much much tougher, because the target tissues become much stronger.

In short, realize that whether hanging or jelqing or stretching, the tunica, and/or ligs, whatever is stressed, WILL become stronger over time as stress is applied. The only way to weaken any tissue is through rest, atrophy. But a more complex matrix will be more difficult to weaken.

Jelqing is not nearly the PE for length routine that hanging is. If you are going for length, then hang. If you are going for girth, then jelq and do ULIs. There is no reason to combine the two.

However, I still recommend the LIGHT jelqing for circulation issues in between hanging sets, around the wrap, and after a hanging session. Light jelqing is at a very low erection level, and without much hand pressure.

>Adding stretching might help you in faster going fatigue.What do you think?<

Due to the hands off benefits of hanging, if I had extra time to stretch, I would just hang instead. I recommend that a PEer concentrate his efforts on one angle, one set of tissues at a time. I believe it takes this concentrated effort, especially after newbie gains, in order to permanently deform the tissues.

If, during the session, you completely fatigue one set of tissues, you might move on to a secondary angle, a related sets of tissues. But all in all, whether you stretch or hang, I feel you should stick to one angle for a prolonged period (month, months). Therefore, hanging is fine by itself.”


My first post, after 5 months of lurking, studying and PEing. I am now in the post-Newbie phase of my PE adventure, and I really think that this info from Bigger is as valuable an insight into strategy for gaining as I have come across. Thanks SNM for putting it out there again for us to consider.

Interesting. This goes against my idea that combining length and girth work during session may increase gains. Perhaps it does, but only if one is low volume (so as not to induce inflammation in both longitudinal and circumferential fibers causing diagonal fibers to be created).

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