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Relaxing and stretching ligs

Relaxing and stretching ligs

I was researching recently and found that progesterone and relaxin are two hormones that loosen and make ligs stretch in expecting mothers! You can buy progesterone cream over the counter, and I found one product called vitalaxin that is an oral relaxin pill( expensive)! What do you guys think about this and it’s potential for pe!

Isn’t progesterone the foremost female hormone? Even topical administration can lead to systemic effects I think. Bad idea.

Yes, it is a female hormone! Men produce it as well, not as much as women. Just like women make testasterone as well. Now men use the cream to help with prostate problems.

A cream would hardly reach ligs. Stretching ligs isn’t the foremost issue when searching for gains, either. Differently from what many seems to think, your inner penis just can’t slip out of your body, you have to enlarge the exposed part of it.

Sounds interesting to me, but we would need to make sure that its safe for our purposes.

Originally Posted by marinera
Your inner penis just can’t slip out of your body


This is so true, I think at one time I might of believed it happened exactly as you said it.

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