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Stretching, and the PC pull back reflex

Stretching, and the PC pull back reflex

I was reading about the DLD Blasters and how this technique by passes this reflex…

I find personally that if I do stretches, my PC is totally relaxed, I can stretch as much as I want in any direction and as hard as I can and the only way my PC will pull back is if I consciously do it myself. Before, I would sometimes do a kegel during a stretch on purpose, because it felt like a stronger stretch, but after doing some reading on these Blasters, I’m now back to keeping the PC relaxed to better work the ligs. I can only attribute this lack of reflex to my work on delaying the ejaculation reflex by consciously relaxing my PC muscle, maybe I have somehow got rid of this reflex from all this training.

Does anyone else out there not have a pull back reflex at all?

Do you think the reflex interferes with making better gains? Or does a PC squeeze make a stretch better because their seems to be more pull?

Currently, I do V-stretches and keep my PC relaxed, and they seem to be pretty awesome stretches. I’ve been doing PE for about 1.5 monthes and I’m just now starting to see gains. +.25” length sinse I changed from regular manual stretches to V-stretches like a week or two ago. I also added sort of a held jelq during my jelq session, after each 100 jelqs I grab my penis at the bottom with one hand and fully engorge and kegel in as much blood as possible, then I sqeeze with my hand and hold this for 30-40 seconds. I do this twice, once with each hand. But maybe this sudden new grow is just the fact that I’m past the first month and into my beginners gains.

I also just started wearing a wrist wrap around my penis during the day, I couldn’t find the magnetic TheraP one, but I found an Equate one without magnets that seems to work awesome cause I just noticed the growth in the last few days that I’ve been wearing it. I think it allows your penis to heal in a extended position that’s much more effective.

Well I guess I’ve step outside the bounds of the thread title, but I’m new here and once I get going new thoughts start popping up. Anyways, if anyone has opinions on the questions I raised I’d appreciate hearing them.

Can anyone comment on this automatic pull-back reflex?

I’d really like to hear a variety of thoughts on the subject.

Some people have it, some people don’t. It can be learned to better control it. I would say that people who do a lot of kegels and reverse kegels learn to control their contraction better. It probably has a lot to do with the brains actually LEARNING to contract it voluntarily, which hasn’t been really necessary before. I could insert a lot of weight training bable about “nerving” the muscles here, but I don’t see it that important.

The blasters are good for people who tend to involuntarily contract their bc muscle. Also they apply the same principle as used before in the JAIs. I would see the 2 second stretches, as in JAIs, more efficient than the 5 seconds, as in blasters, no matter if kegels are applied or not.

"Be aware that there are several schools of thought here as well. Some seem to go with the hard and heavy approach. The sessions are brutal. You can hear them talking to their dick: You better grow mofo or I will punish you even harder tomorrow! Others seem to favor a more tender approach. Always listening to what their member is saying while massaging it gently and singing to it with a soft voice. If it is moody and not happy with new behavior, they always listen and are very understanding."

Hopefully some others can come along and give you other advice as well. Good luck in finding what you need and welcome aboard.

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I definitely have the pullback reflex and do think about staying completely relax during stretching.

In a previous thread on this same subject I wondered if guys with a strong pullback reflex might be more prone to turtle dick, that I definitely used to have. This compared to guys that are always relaxed might have a better flaccid hang. I think practicing relaxation, especially in the shower has really improved my morning shower hang and I do that everyday now.

Wrist wraps- when you put it on is the purpose to stay in a plump state but be flacid or do you put it on when you are erect? I am not clear on how this works. I would like to try the wrap and see how it feels.

I use the wrist wrap to keep my penis extended as it heals through the day, I find it best to get an erection and then let that erection go flaccid so you have a nice hang (or when you get out of the shower your usually good to go!), then I stetch the flaccid penis a bit and put on the wrist wrap. So that your head and a few inches with some skin hang out the end. And you don’t really have to worry about circulation, I find it actually keeps my unit warmer, like his own little coat :D , and I think your penis may start to develope better cirulation from doing this too - although that’s only an idea with no factual basis.

The concept of the wrist wrap is that it keeps your flaccid penis from shrivelling during the day, so if your penis is nice and extended the damage from your PE heals in a better position. It is also over time suppose to increase your flaccid hang, which I have already noticed, it never gives your penis a chance to turle up. (and possibly it just gets used to not turtling anymore and then stops.) When I go to sleep though I take it off for safety reasons, and I find when I’m in bed and when I wake up I always have a good hang (if not some hardcore morning wood.)

I Hope that helps, as I’m only a beginner at this myself, but that is the understanding I’ve gained from alot of reading and a little experimentation. Good luck.

Oh yeah, and thanks for the replies dudes.

I guess I’m one of the guys without the pullback reflex.


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