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Injury help

Injury help

The ligament at the base of my penis on the top right side is aching. It feels like it will pop if I have rough sex. I have rested but it is not fully healed. What would a doctor do for me other than tell me to rest. Would he pescribe medication? I think from the stretching excersises too much strength was put on the right side.

I am sure hangers must have this type of problem where they hurt their ligament. What can be done? I am sure it is not serious enough to merit surgery.

Hm sounds like you already know what happened ;)
Well ligs take some time to heal.. compared to eg. muscles. (ca. 6 weeks is the minimum number for the “usual” ligs in your body, eg. your ankles’ ligs)
Even if they don’t feel bad at all they can still be not fully healed.

In my case the leftside ligs got stretched badly when I was going for a 105% ;) erection, 12 hours after a hot tub with some _mild_ stretching..
The lession I learned of this? Dont underestimate the power of temperature in your body :)

And no, unless you dont have a really bad lig stretch (as in “torn ligament”) I don’t think surgery is required.
Give your body time to heal and help it on the way as good as you can and things should work out :)

Using general info already known about ligs (eg. the R.I.C.E. treatment of stretched/torn ligs) helped me big time here.. Search the web if the things I summarized below dont make much sense to you).

This said, here’s what I wrote up in my personal webby concerning this topic.. Maybe it’s of help to you :) (anybody with ideas on what to change/add there please msg).


—start paste—
LIGAMENT Stretches (AKA Lig stretching)

In case you’ve overdone it, had weak ligs on one side or just plainly continued stretching when one side of the ligs was still not fully healed, here’s what you can do:

The accepted healing concept for any injured tissue (ligs, tendons, muscles) is abbreviated as R.I.C.E., which means:

* R = Relaxation
* I = Inflammation
* C = Cooling
* E = Exercise

Now for the things in this RICE you _can_ do in order to help your ligs heal faster.

R) elaxation

* 1. Don’t do a thing that would further injure your ligs. Relaxing doesn’t just mean not using it, but willingly not doing a single thing to your ligs (no erections, no stretching, no jelqing, ..).
* 2. Make sure the blood in your ligs doesn’t flow around like crazy (which it does even bcoz of a tiny movement!)
* 3. Similar to no 2: Make sure your ligs are effectively _above_ your heart when relaxing (as in: Make sure they are elevated when lying down) This will stop the blood from flowing around the injured ligs like crazy, preventing healing.

I) nflammation

* 1. Keep the ligs warm (to cause a little inflammation on the area).

C) ooling

* 1. Keep the ligs cool (to stop the blood from flowing around like crazy).

E) xercise

* 1. Since the ligs will be stretching back nearly all the way in if you don’t exercise them, simply do a _VERY MILD_ lig stretch (maximum up to the point where the pain just begins).
* 2. If you eg. have an overstretched left lig, simply do a mild stretch on your _right_ lig. Keep the pull of the stretch to a point where you don’t feel the pain starting in your left lig. Of course, don’t overdo it.. You don’t want to get _both_ of your ligs’ sides hurt, believe me. Natural is the way to go.. These ligs are your one and only ligs you’ll ever get.
* Alternate I and C in a two days rhythm (inflammation = healing, cooling = increase the healing potential of I; Cooling will help your ligs to get repaired faster, if applied in a sensible manner).

—end paste—

Is this from somewhere on our site ys? If not, please provide a link to the origninal source. Thanks!

According to my orthopedic training, RICE means the following;

R- Rest
I- Ice
C- Compression
E- Elevation

This is the method utilized to control swelling (edema) for injured extremeties and after surgery.
As for the possible ligament injury, I have good news and bad news. Ligaments in general have a poor blood supply. When you break a bone, it generally takes 6-8 weeks for the fracture to completely heal. A bad ankle sprain takes even longer. My doctor has put unstable ankles (which are too loose and thus reveal a widened mortis view in exray) in a short leg cast for 4+ months. The purpose behind this is to allow time for the ligaments to recover and tighten up. Football fans will notice that Todd Heap of the Baltimore Ravens was out from week 2 to week 12 (I have him for a TE on my FF league)
However, those ligaments which support your ankles are not those supporting your penis. After that mouthful, here is my recommendation (senior members and moderators please rebuff me if wrong). Lay off PE for about 2 months. This is hard to do, and even harder to start back up once you lose your rythm. You’ll shrink a little as your ligs start to tighten. After your “recovery” period, start PE like a beginner. This may seem unattractive to you, but I have read a few articles that state you’ll re-experience your newbie growth spurt if you do this. If you do anything, do it lightly, be gentle, and only stretch the un-injured side. Hope this helps and is not misleading.

It is ok to live in the "now", but never fail to plan for the future.

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