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Red skin and burning sensation at the base of the penis.

Red skin and burning sensation at the base of the penis.


I am on PE for 2 weeks now and it seems that my penis itself responds very good to the exercises. No sore, blisters or spots on the head. No growth so far but I feel the penis stronger and fuller.

I shave my pubic hair and I have a red skin at the base of the penis where the strokes of Jelqs starts. After exercising I get some burning sensation of the skin there. Maybe my skin is very sensitive and it has to adapt to the strokes of Jelqs. But I wonder if someone else has the same problem and if there are lotions or creams to “cool down” the reddish skin after the enlarging session.

P.S. My routine consists in warm-up, stretches, jelqs with baby oil (200 strokes) and warm-down.

Thank you

Ciao from Italy.

My first couple of weeks I used to get that too. I think all it is is chaffing, it went away when i started jelqing with an overhand OK grip. I found this to be a bit easier on me, then I phased it out until now I don’t use it anymore. Also I use some conditioner at the beginning of each set of jelqs if for some reason I cant do however many straight.

I hope that helps, good luck on your journey

Ciao, paperazzo;
are you uncut?
If so, try pulling back a bit the skin at the starting of the stroke.

You could try dry-jelq, alternatively, they are a little easier for uncutted - but you have to deminish the numbers of strokes in that case, stay in the 50 - 100 range.

About aiding creams, you could ask in the Italian forum
a tutti gli italiani

many creams have a different name from country to country.


Thank you for the answers.

I am uncut and I will try to pull back the skin at the starting of the strokes. Thank you for the advice.
I hope it works.

This morning I also noticed some pieces of dead skin in my pants.
I think I will also go to the doctor for a check. Maybe I caught “something” in the swimming-pool and maybe that “something” broke out after Jelqing.


I don’t think you need the doctor pap. After layoffs when I start jelqing again, I sometimes get a bit of soreness, and as the new skin cells form, the old ones are shed. It usually happens around the 2 week mark.

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I’ve never had anything like this happen to me. Like you, paperazzo, I am uncut and don’t pull back the skin when jelqing.
Well…we are all individuals after all, so maybe it’s not a big surprise that some people react differently to these exercises.

paperazzo, could your skin just be dry? You could try and use a mild moisturizing cream.

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