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Skin burning sensation

Skin burning sensation

I havent been hanging in a month or so.I thought id take a decon break for a bit.My question is can i wrap with my homemade vac hanger?It seems to burn the skin on my unit for the first several minutes of hanging and then its not as bad.I dont wrap and the burning is from the glove gripping my shaft.I have a homemade bib hanger as well and i cant hang the same weight on it as i can my vac hanger as the bib tends to slip towards the head no matter how much or little wrap i used.The clamp pressure also has no bearing on the slippage.Though my real question is about wrapping with the vac hanger and whether it will stop the incredible skin burning within the first several minutes.Sorry if i neglected any post rules.

Hmmm,seems like i mostly got it right.Maybe the paragraph was a tad long winded.On second look I noticed a couple “i’s” not upper cased.Its hard to change habits like that sometimes.haha

Ive been around the forums here for years but just haven’t posted alot.Thanks for the response.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
A space after your periods would make your posts a hell of a lot easier to read too. The easier to read a guy’s post are, the more replies he is likely to get.

Alright,thanks for the tip Thunder.

I have the same problem. I have both Bib”s starter and hardcore hangers (plus a couple of vacuum hangers). I stopped hanging late last year because of the discomfort of the hanger was to much.

I am stating to hang again and trying to find the correct wrapping technique to allow me to hang with enough weight and time to create the fatigue level require for gains. The problem is everyone is different. You must invest in the time (sometime months, for me years) to do the research and trial by error to find the correct technique which will work for you. I am sorry, there is not an easy problem to answer.

I have noticed that for me, I need to use a cloth wrap made from cotton, placed around my penis, to reduce burning irritation, but this does not full make it go away, or help with with the discomfort due to the clamping effect of the hanger. I am still working on the correct wrapping technique which will work for me.

Good luck.

Thanks for the post.I guess its just as you say then,trial and error basicly.I will try some various ways of wrapping myself and if i find a way that works great for me ill post back.Thanks again

I think both of you could find success if you used Theraband. It really acts like a great gripper and cushion.

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Originally Posted by Monty530
I think both of you could find success if you used Theraband. It really acts like a great gripper and cushion.

Wheres the best place to pick some of this up? Thanks for the tip.

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